A gem of many possibilities, it’s hard not to love January’s birthstone

From hot pink to yellow and even blue, it’s time to discover garnets

Have a loved one with a birthday coming up this January, or perhaps you’re celebrating your second anniversary in 2024? If so, then lucky you, because you have an extra excuse to indulge in one of the world’s most versatile gemstones!

Not only is garnet the birthstone for January and the traditional gemstone associated with a second wedding anniversary, it also has a long history dating back thousands of years.

From decorating the necks of pharaohs, to accenting signet rings of ancient Roman aristocrats to enticing trade throughout the Middle Ages, it’s safe to say that our fascination with these chameleons of the gem world runs deep.

For Bainbridge Island’s Robin Callahan of Robin Callahan Designs, her passion stems from the multitude of colors and shades available within the garnet family – some even have the unique ability to change colors in certain lights.

“Garnets are so easy to work with, I can always count on finding a beautiful garnet to complement the other gems I’m working with when creating a new piece, but they can also make exceptional centerpieces in a design, which really speaks to their versatility,” Callahan says.

From left to right - ‘Octavia’ (far left) ft. a 6.7 ct. Dragon garnet and diamonds, ‘Scarlet’ (top right) ft. rubies, sapphires, Rhodalite garnets, and amethyst, ‘Gingko leaf’ (bottom right) ft. Tsavorite garnets.

From left to right - ‘Octavia’ (far left) ft. a 6.7 ct. Dragon garnet and diamonds, ‘Scarlet’ (top right) ft. rubies, sapphires, Rhodalite garnets, and amethyst, ‘Gingko leaf’ (bottom right) ft. Tsavorite garnets.

From hot pinks, to yellows and in the most rare cases, even breathtaking blues, the color options for garnets are endless. They also offer something for every price point and can be found in nearly every corner of the world.

Hailing from China, Australia, India, Brazil, Madagascar, Sri Lanka, Russia, Kenya, Tanzania and even the USA, while the newest variety was found in Africa in 2022. These newly discovered ‘dragon garnets’ have captured the hearts and minds of many artists, including Callahan.

“Dragon garnets are really special and I just can’t get enough of them! Their amazing ability to change color, paired with the fact that we’ve only found them in one vein, makes them hard not to covet since we have no way of knowing how long our supply will last,” Callahan explains. “That fact alone, along with my excitement over having something new to work with, is why I bought several rough pieces, sight unseen, when they first came available and have continued to seek them out as often as possible.”

While Callahan has a few ready-made garnet pieces, including her highly coveted dragon garnets, she suggests considering a custom experience if you’re really wanting to create a once-in-a-lifetime memory with a loved one.

“The opportunity to experience the process of creating a jewelry piece from start to finish is, in my opinion, the ultimate gift you could ever give a fine jewelry lover. Not only do they get that exclusive ‘behind the scenes’ feel but the final product is truly one of a kind and brings a whole new meaning to the word ‘sentimental value,’” Callahan says.

For details on creating a custom piece of jewelry, email robincallahan59@gmail.com or call 206-240-1681.

Keep up with Robin’s latest fine art creations by following Robin Callahan Designs on Facebook, Instagram and TikTok, or visit robincallahandesigns.com.

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