Celebrating life’s final moments: Care community gives families valuable time together

Embracing compassionate care brings more time to share the moments you love

Many families contemplate the best care options for their aging parents. The emotional and practical aspects of caregiving can sometimes align, especially in allowing families to truly enjoy the last moments of their loved ones’ lives.

Here in Bainbridge, Wayne Purdom’s journey into the world of senior care is deeply personal, as he cared for both his parents who were aging and diagnosed with cancer.

“I lived a few hours away from them, and it was emotionally challenging to get adequate care for them and deal with their cognitive decline,” says Purdom, with Fieldstone Communities.

Purdom’s experience as a caregiver highlighted the immense burden that caregiving can become for families, with tasks and responsibilities taking away from the special time we want to spend together.

“We often find ourselves becoming caregivers instead of family members. Our role changes from being a son or daughter to being a care provider, which can be emotionally draining.”

Later, Purdom also cared for his brother, who required medical services and caregiver management. “I found myself being a care manager, supervising the people we hired, which just created more work for me.”

The weight of caregiving, he says, can often transform the role of a family member into that of a care manager, leading to a fractured relationship. At the same time, he acknowledges the guilt that can accompany the decision to move loved ones into a senior care community.

“Having the money to care for a loved one at home may seem like the solution, but all money does is provide more care. It doesn’t necessarily make caregiving easier for the family,” he says.

Fieldstone Communities strives to create an environment where families can cherish their time together rather than being overwhelmed by the responsibilities of caregiving.

Annette, the daughter of a Fieldstone resident, made the decision to move her parent to Fieldstone Communities – a decision that allowed her to have moments where she could simply sit with them, something she couldn’t achieve when she lived with her parent at home.

The shift to a care community brought her peace of mind and the opportunity to enjoy quality time together.

“Getting to the point where your loved one needs care, especially for those with fragile mental conditions, is one of the toughest things to deal with in someone’s life. No one knows how it’s going to be, and that’s hard,” Purdom reflects. At the same time, he adds, it’s essential to provide support and create spaces where families can genuinely share and celebrate their loved ones’ lives.

For more information, visit Fieldstone Communities website or call at 206-594-1010.

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