Free concert celebrates ‘Still Standing’ after COVID

COVID-19 has come and nearly gone, and we are “Still Standing” so that’s what we’re calling the free community concert May 14 celebrating survival, music and joy of being alive, promoter Carol Estes said.

It’s a true variety show, with music ranging from rock to tap, from jazz to flamenco, performed by the local musicians, she added.

Estes, pianist and former director of several local choirs, shared that, “I got cancer just as COVID was beginning. I was lucky, though. I came out of months of chemo and quarantine cancer-free and COVID-free. But many, many people didn’t make it. The experience made it very clear to me how lucky we all are just to be alive. We’re the ones who are still standing. That’s worth celebrating.”

Among the stars of the show are Craig Alden Dell, a renowned flamenco and classical guitarist who has won international competitions, toured worldwide and played twice at Carnegie Hall.

Singer Will Scott toured with the Navy Band for 20 years in South America, Italy,and Africa. He met his wife, Stella, on one of those tours in Paraguay. She is a dancer and singer who performed with the National Ballet of Paraguay.

Additional performers include The Heels of Thunder, a tap dance group; violinist Marian Silberstein; singer/songwriter Troy Hewitt; Leonard Cohen impersonator Reed Price, and the Eagle Harbor Congregational Choir.

The concert starts at 7:30 p.m. The church asks that you wear masks.