All wrapped up in a big red bow

What’s Up’s holiday coverage kicks off with the boys from

What’s Up’s holiday coverage kicks off with the boys from

“Forever Plaid” back incarnate at the Jewel Box.

Somehow, we had to have known that they wouldn’t be gone for long.

When packed houses last saw the harmony-driven, clean-cut, semi-professional four-piece a capella group “The Plaids” at the Jewel Box Theater in 2006, the fellows had been tragically killed on the way to their first big gig, in a little town, in a traffic accident involving a bus full of Catholic school girls who were on their way to see the Beatles’ appearance on “The Ed Sullivan Show.”

The Plaids ended up coming back from the afterlife for one final chance at musical glory — recording an album of old-school, 50s-era doo-wop.

That original quest, “Forever Plaid,” reportedly just came out on the silver screen, starring David Hyde Pierce, Nov. 15.

Just in time, The Plaids are back from the afterlife with a special mission for the holiday season at the Jewel Box in a sequel called “Plaid Tidings,” directed, again, by Gwen Adams and once again starring Dan Engelhard, Rod Gray, Eric Richardson and Kenneth Miller.

While we don’t know exactly what that mission is — and neither do The Plaids at first — suffice to say, it probably involves some of their zany PG-13 antics and more than a couple Christmas tunes. So it seemed like an apt place to kick off our coverage of the flood of live theater, concerts and dance slated throughout Kitsap for the holiday season. Even though it’s not even Thanksgiving yet.

While the boys of “Forever Plaid” are still dead, their voices, bodies and plaid dinner jackets are all still heavenly intact, and to start the show, the boys are conversing with audience to figure out what year it is and why they might’ve been sent back to Earth.

Seeing two microphones with plaid microphone covers, it’s fair to assume their mission most likely involves some four-part harmony.

“We could make the biggest come back since capri pants,” Sparky (played by Richardson) interjects.

Indeed, the boys have been gone for awhile.

After a moment alone with the nerdy but lovable bespectacled member of the group Smudge (played by Gray), we learn that what The Plaids have missed most about being alive was the holiday season. And their secret uber-dream has always been to have their own television Christmas special. There will be laughter, applause and extra holiday cheese playing through Dec. 7.

‘PLAID TIDINGS’ a holiday-season follow up to “Forever Plaid,” will play at the Jewel Box through Dec. 6 with curtains at 8 p.m. Fridays and Saturdays and 2 p.m. matinees Nov. 23 and Dec. 7. Tickets are $14 general, $12 for seniors and students. Info: or call (360) 779-9688.