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Washington scrambles to boost supply of life-saving protective items for healthcare workers

The Bainbridge Island Review site has lifted the paywall on this developing story to provide readers with critical information. To support vital reporting such as… Continue reading


State requires sex ed, takes gun safety measures, bans free plastic bags | 2020 Legislative Session

OLYMPIA - At the end of the state legislative session this month, lawmakers had passed nearly 400 bills — averaging at least five new laws… Continue reading


Senate and house dispute kills data privacy bill | 2020 Legislative Session

OLYMPIA - Groundbreaking data privacy legislation designed to give consumers more access and control over their own digital data died on Thursday, even though it… Continue reading


Scores of people show up in protest over Legislature’s sex education directive | 2020 Legislative Session

OLYMPIA - Despite the governor’s warning to avoid crowds in the wake of the coronavirus, hundreds of concerned parents and residents converged on the Capitol… Continue reading

Legislature promotes timber industry as carbon-negative | 2020 Legislative Session

OLYMPIA - Washington state lawmakers have passed legislation that will align the timber and forestry sector with the state’s carbon emission goals. The Senate voted… Continue reading

Amid pious protesters, Satanists conduct a ritual on the Capitol steps | 2020 Legislative Session

OLYMPIA - Congregants from the Seattle-based Satanic Temple of Washington drew a crowd of prayerful onlookers Friday as they hoisted their pentagram and conducted a… Continue reading

Vice President arrives with federal health experts to ‘epicenter’ of U.S. coronavirus outbreak

On the day Washington state recorded its 11th death from the COVID-19 virus, Vice President Mike Pence arrived in Pierce County to meet with Gov.… Continue reading

Fragile elderly at the hub of Washington’s COVID-19 crisis

A week into the outbreak of the deadly coronavirus at a facility caring for frail and elderly people, John Weisman, secretary of the state Department… Continue reading

State steps up response to coronavirus outbreak | 2020 Legislative Session

Fourteen schools temporarily closed due to outbreak concerns

Senate Republicans propose alternative solutions to Washington’s homelessness crisis | 2020 Legislative Session

OLYMPIA - Republican senators pitched their own ideas to address Washington state’s homelessness crisis following the supplemental budgets unveiled by Democratic lawmakers this week. On… Continue reading

Senators balance transportation budget despite revenue shortfall caused by I-976 | 2020 Legislative Session

OLYMPIA - Facing a shortfall of $450 million, lawmakers patched together a budget to fund highway maintenance, the Washington State Patrol and other transportation projects.… Continue reading

Senate Democrats propose $5 million to assist businesses disrupted by coronavirus pandemic fears | 2020 Legislative Session

OlYMPIA - A last-minute amendment to the senate Democratic Caucus supplemental operating budget earmarks $5 million to help businesses negatively impacted by international responses to… Continue reading

GOP leadership doubts effectiveness of proposed homelessness spending | 2020 Legislative Session

OLYMPIA - Republican leaders in Washington state said they are not confident that spending on homelessness proposed by the Democrats will produce significant results. On… Continue reading

Parents and teachers express concerns over mandatory sex ed | 2020 Legislative Session

OLYMPIA - Parents, students and educational professionals voiced their concerns in a public hearing about a bill that would mandate comprehensive sexual education in public… Continue reading

Economic growth adds money to state coffers, and Democratic lawmakers have uses for it | 2020 Legislative Session

OLYMPIA - Democratic caucuses in the house and senate rolled out separate spending plans that include hundreds of millions of dollars to address climate change,… Continue reading

Lawmakers flinch on proposed ban of for-profit detention facilities | 2020 Legislative Session

OLYMPIA - Washington lawmakers elected to prohibit the transfer of inmates to out-of-state private prisons, except for specific reasons, after the Senate voted 30 to… Continue reading

House passes bill to expand court-ordered gun confiscation | 2020 Legislative Session

OLYMPIA - Courts could be one step closer to ordering people subject to vulnerable adult protection orders to surrender their firearms after the House voted… Continue reading

Lawmakers aim to make childcare more accessible and easier to certify | 2020 Legislative Session

OLYMPIA - Parents could have better access to childcare providers if lawmakers pass a bill that aims to make the childcare certification process cheaper and… Continue reading

House lawmakers pass bill to ban expansion of ICE detention center in Tacoma | 2020 Legislative Session

OLYMPIA - The state House of Representatives voted 85-12 on a bill that would ban the expansion of an Immigration Customs Enforcement detention center in… Continue reading

Governor signs into law tax bill to help fund higher education | 2020 Legislative Session

OLYMPIA - Fewer businesses will be asked to foot the bill for higher education programs after Gov. Jay Inslee signed Engrossed Substitute Senate Bill 6492… Continue reading