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Tuna: A Bright Future or ‘Sorry, Charlie’? | Tyrades!

I’m a big fan of comfort foods, but a recent headline made me feel decidedly uncomfortable. “Tuna seeks return to salad days,” blared the Wall… Continue reading

Christmas Gifts For Bosses: Let The Stress Begin! | Tyrades!

Does your workplace have a tradition of employees giving a Christmas gift (er, holiday gift … um, scrupulously secular seasonal transfer of goods) to the… Continue reading

Are You Washing Your Hands Correctly? | Tyrades!

When I was a tyke, I always freaked out over the possible presence of “cat hairs and goims.” (Why a Tennessee farmboy pronounced “germs” like… Continue reading

Space Force: Boon or Boondoggle? | Tyrades!

When I was a preschooler, one of my favorite Saturday morning TV programs was “Fireball XL5,” which followed the missions of spaceship Fireball XL5, commanded… Continue reading

Stan Lee’s Message Lives On | Tyrades!

My lunch got off to a bad start on November 12 because of the news bulletin that rattled my phone. “Marvel Comics legend Stan Lee… Continue reading

What If Comic Strip Characters Aged Normally? | Tyrades!

Did you realize that November 24 marks the 100th birthday of the venerable (and still-published) comic strip “Gasoline Alley”? Besides presenting wholesome depictions of small-town… Continue reading

Can You Survive Another 20 Years of This? | Tyrades!

Computer crashes, power outages, Y2K, prostate surgery, parenting crises … I laugh in your faces! Despite these obstacles, I have now reached the milestone of… Continue reading

Do You Have An Irrational Fear of Halloween? | Tyrades!

My son Gideon will not be trick-or-treating this year. It’s not because of any fear of ghosties and ghoulies, mind you. We decided last year… Continue reading

Church ‘Ladies Day’: Now Needed More Than Ever | Tyrades!

As I type these words, my wife is eagerly anticipating the annual Ladies Day at the country church we’ve been members of for the entirety… Continue reading

Parents, Do You Know Where Your Love Letters Are? | Tyrades!

Maybe I shouldn’t share something so personal with the world, but…my love affair with books continues unabated. I’ve just finished Willie Nelson’s autobiography (“It’s A… Continue reading

Antibiotics Versus Appendectomies: May The Best Treatment Win | Tyrades!

I’m not a doctor. I don’t even play one in newspapers. (So, relax, Rex Morgan, M.D. But look out, big-nosed kid who likes to fly… Continue reading

Ready To Visit A Rage Room? | Tyrades!

The imperishable words “Hulk smash!” aren’t just for green super-heroes anymore. According to the Wall Street Journal, entrepreneurs in New York City have launched competing… Continue reading

Do You Hate Shaving? | Tyrades!

“Stubble” is my middle name. No, not really. But I do find myself occupying that No Man’s Land…er, LOTS of Men’s Land… of not wanting… Continue reading

Mork, Taxi, WKRP: Happy 40th Anniversaries! | Tyrades!

As a college freshman in the fall of 1978, I spent countless evenings camped near the TV in the dorm lobby. And why not? Three… Continue reading

Teens, Would It Kill You To Open A Book? | Tyrades!

Call me a nuanced curmudgeon. I’m not so bothered by the AMOUNT of time that teenagers spend with the internet and/or digital devices as by… Continue reading

Middle America, Are You Ready For Your Face Tattoos? | Tyrades!

Like many kids, I had a dalliance with washable temporary tattoos. As a teen, I tried (unsuccessfully) to market a comic strip about a tattoo… Continue reading

Can The Beer Industry Still Brew Up A Comeback? | Tyrades!

It’s a drastically different world than when I was working a summertime job during college. The first summer, a middle-aged co-worker would proudly pat his… Continue reading

Will You Survive National Garage Sale Day? | Tyrades!

I have browsed umpteen garage and yard sales over the years and used to help my mother display her collectibles in her neighborhood’s miles-long event.… Continue reading

Naked Vacations: Yes, That’s A Thing | Tyrades!

According to NBC News, the travel industry’s latest trend is the “nacation.” As the name implies, a nacation is a “naked vacation.” Florida alone has… Continue reading

‘Body Language Experts’: Do They Do A Body Good? | Tyrades!

Nonverbal cues ain’t what they used to be. Once upon a time (unless you were Mr. Oblivious), a little common sense would tell you that… Continue reading