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Must we live with one foot in the grave?

“Shower the people you love with love/ Show them the way that you feel.” – James Taylor With all due respect to the five-time Grammy… Continue reading


Tyree Turns 60: Is That A Good Thing? | Tyrades!

“Look around me / I can see my life before me / Running rings around the way / It used to be…” – Crosby, Stills… Continue reading


Who Is the Most Famous Person You’ve Ever Met? | Tyrades!

On a recent Saturday afternoon, 86-year-old Uncle Doug shared a bit of family lore about his grandfather (my great-grandfather). When great-grandpa Henry Lee Gipson was… Continue reading


Can We Please Have A Few TV Westerns, Pardner? | Tyrades!

The recent death of actor James Drury (star of the 1962-1971 TV Western “The Virginian”) adds insult to injury when one considers what will occur… Continue reading

So, Have You Made Out Your Last Will and Testament? | Danny Tyree

I hope the document remains locked away unused for many years, but my brother and I finally got around to meeting with a lawyer and… Continue reading

Does Your Family Include a Speed Demon? | Danny Tyree

Readers of fine newspapers may recall that last July I unleashed a tirade titled “Slow drivers: are they driving you insane?” Several readers offered a… Continue reading

Wine Sales Decline: A Fluke Or The Future? | Danny Tyree

I don’t know much about wine (although my late classmate Tracy Holder gave a hilarious rendition of Richard Pryor’s “Wino Directing Traffic on a Sunday… Continue reading

Can You Possibly Meet Your Savings Goals In 2020? | Tyrades!

A recent “Wall Street Journal” article touted New Year’s as one of the optimal “clean slate” times to draft a financial plan. (“Ahem … unless… Continue reading

Really living the 2010s | Tyrades!

Do I owe someone an apology for not taking a more active role in the iconic cultural, technological and political developments of the 2010s? I… Continue reading

Am I Finally Appreciating the Lessons of Christmas 1969? | Tyrades!

Most of my Christmases have become hopelessly blurred together, but Christmas 1969 holds a special place in my heart. In fact, back in 1998 my… Continue reading

Read Any Good Books by Dogs Lately? | Danny Tyree

If you’re tired of running around in circles to find a Christmas gift for the dog lovers on your list, I know just the thing… Continue reading

Should We Even Celebrate Frosty’s 50th Anniversary? | Danny Tyree

Maybe it’s because my first viewing of “Rudolph” occurred when I was 4 years old and my first viewing of “Frosty the Snowman” happened when… Continue reading

Are You Thankful for Any of These Things? | Danny Tyree

With festive turkey-based feasts fast approaching, and having just re-watched a classic Thanksgiving-themed Steve Martin video, I thought it appropriate that I share a few… Continue reading

Has It Been A Good Year for Your Family’s Teeth? | Danny Tyree

My extended family has suffered more than its fair share of dental issues in 2019. (Fair share? Yes, Elizabeth Warren’s number-crunchers have ascertained exactly how… Continue reading

Can We Avoid A War Over Veterans Day? | Danny Tyree

The words weren’t aimed directly at me, but I was recently flummoxed by an unexpected undercurrent of animosity. In an online post, a military veteran… Continue reading

Do You Have A Favorite Halloween Ghost Story? | Danny Tyree

I’m not proud of it, but I haven’t visited the now-disheveled cemetery on the hillside behind my late father’s childhood home in more than 40… Continue reading

Are You Throwing Away Too Much Clothing? | Danny Tyree

Remember when big news meant scientific breakthroughs, assassinations and economic meltdowns? Now the international headlines are reserved for the scandal (or heroism, take your pick)… Continue reading

Tired of Hollywood Keeping You in The Dark? | Tyrades!

When I was a mass communications major in college (alas, this was not TOO long after mass communications consisted of Columbus yelling, “Can you guys… Continue reading

Do You Aspire to Be A Fly on the Wall? | Tyrades!

What can you say about the eavesdropper wannabes who sigh, “I wish I could be a fly on the wall for that conversation”? Why is… Continue reading

Much More Than A Hunch: The Big Five-Oh for the Brady Bunch | Tyrades!

“If there’s one thing I can’t stand, it’s a perfect kid. And six of ‘em, yecch!” - Ann B. Davis as housekeeper Alice Nelson. No,… Continue reading