Young BI gymnasts begin competitions

The Bainbridge Island Gymnastics Club boys team’s season is underway.

In a recent meet, Theo Cheung was third and Henry Hoecker fourth in the all-around in their divisions for 9- to 10-year-olds.

For ages 10-12, Liam Ruddick was third in the AA. For ages 13 and older, Lafe Weighall was third in the AA.

In another level of competition, Club Level Gold gymnast Henry Coleman won the all-around for ages 8-10. Cruise Cattone took fifth in the AA at a different level.

Ari Mielbrecht-Hansen earned fourth place in the AA but placed first in the parallel bars with a 9.7 score.

For ages 16 and older, Isaac Werner was third in the AA but won the vault. Will Lewis won the rings but was seventh in the AA.

At another meet, Quinn Scheer was fifth in the all-around but won the bars with a 9.0. Cheung won both the floor and vault but was sixth in the AA. Hoecker was eighth in the AA.

Ruddick was fourth and Cattone fifth in the AA in their division. Werner was fourth in the AA and Lewis seventh in their categories.