Bainbridge’s huge improvements in hitting, pitching

Bainbridge High School began rebuilding its softball team last season with one win. The Spartans continue to rebuild this year, recently capturing its fourth win by defeating the East Jefferson Rivals 13-0 April 15.

“We can hit and getting better defensively,” coach Jessica Bratonia said. “Half of the team played softball for the very first time last year. As long as we can improve a little bit every day, give us a couple years, and we will be right in there.”

The Spartans biggest improvement has been their hitting. Last season, the Spartans averaged 3.7 runs per game; this season it’s 9.7.

“I’m a hitting coach,” Bratonia said. “When you have to learn the game, you are not able to do drills and break it down.”

Bratonia added it has been great to see all nine batters play a role during the game. The Spartans recently showcased their offensive power during the middle of the East Jefferson contest.

In the bottom of the fourth inning, Bainbridge had 15 at-bats and scored nine runs. Each batter had at least two appearances at the plate. Sierra Berry led with 4 RBIs from a triple and single, Clara Biggs had 2 RBIs from a walk and double, and Sophia Peato hit a 3-run homer.

Bainbridge’s pitching also has improved. The Spartans allowed 16.6 runs per game last season. This season, pitchers Rollins Anderson and Peato allow 11.9 runs per game.

“Heather [Burnham] has been working hard with our pitchers on hitting spots and location because we didn’t have control last year,” Bratonia said. “Sofia is not a pitcher so being willing to commit is awesome. Rollins plays basketball and volleyball so she has put in some commitment too.”

The Spartans are in seventh place in the Olympic League.