Luciano Marano | Bainbridge Island Review - Bainbridge Island speed machine Alexander Miller notched a new personal record in the 1600-meter event during the three-school home turf meet on Wednesday, April 17.

Luciano Marano | Bainbridge Island Review - Bainbridge Island speed machine Alexander Miller notched a new personal record in the 1600-meter event during the three-school home turf meet on Wednesday, April 17.

Bainbridge High track-and-field team scores top finishes at three-school meet

Both the boys and girls teams of the Bainbridge High School track-and-field squad managed impressive finishes at the three-school home turf meet on Wednesday, April 17.

Teams from Cleveland and Eastside Catholic High Schools trekked to Bainbridge for the event.

On the boys’ side, the Spartans excelled in several events, including the 400-, 800-, 1600- and 3200-meter races, both hurdle events, shot put, discus and long jump.

The island girls likewise notched noteworthy finishes in a slew of events, including the 200-, 800- and 3200-meter dashes, the 4×100 relay, and shot put, high jump, pole vault, long jump and triple jump.

The final home meet of the regular season is slated for 3:30 p.m. Thursday, May 2, and will see the Spartans host athletes from Franklin and Cleveland High Schools.

Bainbridge vs. Cleveland, Eastside Catholic Results

*SR = season record; PR = personal record



1. Matthew Mackleit, 11.52 PR Eastside Catholic

2. Gio Ursino, 11.53 PR Eastside Catholic

3. Gaylane Scott, 11.61 Eastside Catholic

4. Carlo Ruggiero, 11.90 PR Bainbridge

5. Joseph Taylor, 11.97 Eastside Catholic


1. Dominic Jacobs, 23.18 PR Cleveland

2. Sam Adams, 23.55 Eastside Catholic

3. Jordon Cannon, 23.90 Cleveland

4. Gaylane Scott, 23.97 PR Eastside Catholic

5. Gio Ursino, 23.97 PR Eastside Catholic


1. Nuri Robinson, 55.00a Eastside Catholic

2. Reuben Allen, 55.48 PR Bainbridge

3. Zeppelin Raunig, 56.83 Cleveland

4. Connor Sanford, 59.40 Bainbridge

5. Jordan Moss, 1:00.00 PR Eastside Catholic


1. Thorin Smith, 2:09.31 PR Bainbridge

2. Austin Hoover, 2:38.05 PR Eastside Catholic

3. Maxwell Strom, 2:42.65 Bainbridge

4. Andrew Parker, 2:56.09 PR Cleveland


1. Alexander Miller, 4:52.08 PR Bainbridge

2. Peter Korytko, 5:07.09 PR Bainbridge

3. Aidan Freitas, 5:11.84 PR Bainbridge

4. Micah Glasby, 5:12.23 PR Bainbridge

5. Evan Deagen, 5:13.17 PR Cleveland


1. Steven Albergine, 11:57.97 PR Bainbridge

2. Ethan Chen, 12:31.24 Cleveland

3. Evan Deagen, 12:47.44aPR Cleveland

4. Tristan Maxwell, 14:45.24 PR Cleveland

5. Kevin Hua, 14:49.88 PR Cleveland

110-meter hurdles

1. Sean Lindsey, 18.76 Bainbridge

300-meter hurdles

1. Sean Lindsey, 45.97 Bainbridge

2. Casey Langsjoen, 46.87 Bainbridge

3. Akio Hansen, 48.69 PR Bainbridge

4. Andrew Westphal, 48.70 Bainbridge

5. Joseph Capps, 1:04.11 Bainbridge

4×100 relay

1. Eastside Catholic, 44.39

Matthew Mackleit, Sam Adams, Gaylane Scott, Anthony Smith

2. Bainbridge, 45.32

Leander von Specht, Carter Hall, Elliott Windrope, Carlo Ruggiero

3. Eastside Catholic, 51.09

Charles Burnham, Gabe Urbie, Bryan Meier, Arnav Rajashekara

4×400 relay

1. Eastside Catholic, 4:08.54

Nuri Robinson, Gaylane Scott, Joseph Taylor, Anthony Smith

2. Bainbridge, 4:13.63

Ethan Glasby, Micah Glasby, Peter Korytko, Alexander Miller

Shot put

1. Peter Taoipu, 40-11.00 PR Eastside Catholic

2. Kyle Smit, 36-04.00 Bainbridge

3. Jordan Carroll, 35-05.00 PR Eastside Catholic

4. Jacob Keller Rusch, 35-00.00 PR Eastside Catholic

5. Andrea Palazzo, 34-01.00 Bainbridge


1. Aden Hartman, 125-04 Eastside Catholic

2. Kyle Smit, 120-05 PR Bainbridge

3. Joe Tabisola, 119-11 Bainbridge

4. Andrea Palazzo, 116-01 Bainbridge

High jump

1. Zeppelin Raunig, 5-04.00 PR Cleveland

Pole vault

1. Sawyer Blair, 11-06.00 PR Bainbridge

2. Hugh Fordyce, 11-00.00 Bainbridge

3. Brian Taylor, 10-00.00 Bainbridge

4. Elliott Lynch, 9-06.00 PR Bainbridge

4. Joshua Goguen, 9-06.00 PR Bainbridge

6. Spencer Barton, 9-00.00 PR Eastside Catholic

Long jump

1. Zeppelin Raunig, 17-04.75 Cleveland

2. Pierre Visconti, 16-08.00 PR Bainbridge

3. Ian Kapinos, 15-07.00 SR Cleveland

4. Patrick Ledoux, 15-06.00 PR Bainbridge

5. Ricky Nguyen, 13-10.75 SR Cleveland

Triple jump

1. Akio Hansen, 35-00.50 PR Bainbridge



1. Jalona Griffin, 13.87 Cleveland

2. Alexandra Schoenstadt, 13.88 Eastside Catholic

3. Angie Martin-T, 14.12 Cleveland

4. Anna Ni, 14.68 Cleveland

5. Isabella Cruz, 14.70 Cleveland


1. Emma Brundige, 26.17 SR Bainbridge

2. Makena Wick, 26.21 PR Eastside Catholic

3. Paige Parker, 27.95 SR Eastside Catholic

4. Elizabeth Brummer, 28.07 SR Eastside Catholic

5. Jalona Griffin, 28.37 PR Cleveland


1. Makena Wick 1:00.52 Eastside Catholic

2. Paige Parker 1:01.21 Eastside Catholic


1. Kate Jendrezak 2:22.88 Eastside Catholic

2. Elizabeth Liz Messinger 2:35.19 Bainbridge

3. Natalie Taylor 2:43.28 PR Bainbridge

4. Josephine Meier 2:47.12 Bainbridge

5. Jiana Lyons 3:01.52 PR Bainbridge


1. Kate Jendrezak, 5:11.74 Eastside Catholic

2. Hailey Faith, 5:54.38 Eastside Catholic

3. Eva Entress, 5:56.14 PR Bainbridge

4. Allie Barrett, 6:22.48 Eastside Catholic

5. Lucy King, 6:23.35 PR Bainbridge


1. Eden Michael, 12:17.28 Bainbridge

2. Elena Conklin, 15:24.76 PR Bainbridge

3. Sophia Allen, 15:24.81 PR Bainbridge

100-meter hurdles

1. Lily Stockman, 20.17 Eastside Catholic

4×100 relay

1. Bainbridge, 53.84

Natalie Taylor, Elizabeth Liz Messinger, Eva Entress, Emma Brundige

2. Bainbridge, 57.16

Ava Hagen, Zoe Lim, Mia Vilke, Meghan McPherson

4×200 relay

1. Eastside Catholic, 1:51.38

Makena Wick, Aniya Ray, Elizabeth Brummer, Paige Parker

2. Bainbridge, 1:57.52 Zoe Lim, Allie Wildsmith, Meghan McPherson, Mia Vilke

Shot put

1. Claire Jackson, 28-09.50 Bainbridge

2. Charlotte Bourgeois, 28-00.00 PR Bainbridge

3. Jade Cannon, 27-09.50 Cleveland

4. Madeline Swietlik, 27-07.50 PR Bainbridge

5. Kari Perry, 27-04.50 PR Bainbridge


1. Shadai Cannon, 82-06 PR Cleveland

2. Jade Cannon, 79-09 PR Cleveland

3. Eliyah Givens, 78-06.50 PR Eastside Catholic

4. Madeline Swietlik, 67-01 Bainbridge

5. Eyerus Mamo, 61-00 PR Cleveland

High jump

1. Allie Wildsmith, 5-00.00 Bainbridge

2. Natalie Edwards, 4-08.00 Eastside Catholic

3. Emily Johnson, 4-06.00 SR Eastside Catholic

4. Angelina Kolledge, 4-04.00 PR Bainbridge

5. Ava Hagen, 4-02.00 Bainbridge

Pole vault

1. Samantha Serex, 12-00.00 Eastside Catholic

2. Keegan Daniels, 8-06.00 Bainbridge

3. Sophia Soltes, 7-00.00 Bainbridge

4. Katharine Cooper, 6-06.00 Bainbridge

5. Bryn Tiernan, 6-06.00 Bainbridge

Long jump

1. Emma Brundige, 17-03.00 SR Bainbridge

2. Sarah Daly, 11-10.00 Eastside Catholic

3. Jiana Lyons, 11-07.50 PR Bainbridge

Triple jump

1. Charlotte Bourgeois, 28-06.25 PR Bainbridge

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