The Pocket Farm Reviews (Backyard Liberty) Learn How to Grow Your Own Food Guide

Have you been paying attention to the coming food crisis facing America? The pandemic put this topic at the top of many Americans’ minds, but many of us were powerless to reduce the reliance on the local grocery store stock and the importance of this issue.

What would you do if the produce availability at your local grocery store dried up? What would you do if there was nowhere to get food within hundreds of miles around you? This could become a sad reality for millions of Americans in the coming years.

We’ve all seen the effects of extreme weather on the country and how it devastates crops – the Florida orange juice industry is a prime example of this effect. But what if there was a megadrought heading our way? Scientists at NASA now believe there is a 100-year megadrought on the horizon, and it will severely impact food production in the mid-West, America’s breadbasket.

It would be best to have a resource providing a solution for growing your own food at home, such as The Pocket Farm.

What Is the Pocket Farm? – The Pocket-Sized “Garden of Eden”

Alec Deacon is the creator behind The Pocket Farm. He made it his mission to help Americans improve their food security in this dangerous climate of political hostility and natural disasters.

Alec developed the system after nearly being lynched for being a farmer and providing his community with fresh produce from his farm. He wanted to give everyone the chance to grow food themselves, using a simple system that’s affordable and easy to set up.

You can eliminate your reliance on the industrial food system and create a sustainable veggie farm at home, even in limited areas. Eliminate GMOs from your diet and grow fresh, organic produce yourself with the Pocket Farm.

Grow your grocery list with The Pocket Farm!

The Pocket Farm – The Ultimate Aquaponics System

After years of research and development, Alec found an easy method of setting up an aquaponics system to grow your food. The cost of this system is around three to four times less than commercially purchased systems that are half the size.

If you’re wondering what aquaponics is, it’s a way of growing plants in water. It gives you a pocket-sized “Garden of Eden” that brings a never-ending food supply to your family’s dinner table. You have enough fish and produce to meet calorie needs. Storing food assures food reserves for lean times.

Aquaponics creates a beneficial and complementary environment. The plants purify the water for the fish, while the fish provide nutrients for the plants. It’s a self-contained and scalable system. You get high yields throughout the year, in all seasons.

  • No watering or fertilizing is required.
  • Total hands-off operation with minimal maintenance.

The Pocket Farm system utilizes less than 10% of the water required to sustain the average veggie garden. The water recycles itself through the system, and there’s no waste. Alec partnered with Nate Storey, a Ph.D. and inventor, to turn The Pocket Garden into a vertical growing system to save on-floor space. The result was The Pocket Garden, or as Alec’s wife calls it, “the food generator.

Turn your backyard into a food haven with Pocket Farm!

Order Your Copy of The Pocket Farm Today!

The Pocket Farm takes you by the hand and walks you through every step of building your system. The video guide included with your purchase shows you step-by-step instructions for setting up your aquaponics system in a few hours. Alec developed The Pocket Farm to give every American the chance to grow their food.

You have two options when ordering The Pocket Farm today.

Physical Copy & Digital eBook

  • The Pocket Farm guide is available in physical and digital copies for $39. You’ll need to cover the $9.99 shipping and handling fee, giving you an order total of $49.99.

Digital eBook

  • Or you can order the digital version of The Pocket Farm without the physical book and pay $39.

The Pocket Farm is a proven system that can help families and communities during food crises.

The owner of SHTFplan.com, Marc Slavo, highly recommends The Pocket Farm and says that every American must build one of these systems to prepare for the coming crisis in America.

The Pocket Farm comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee. If the system doesn’t work, request a full refund. For more information, contact customer service via:

  • Email: support@backyardliberty.com

Feed your community with The Pocket Farm!

Get Free Bonuses When You Order The Pocket Farm Today!

When you purchase The Pocket Farm today, you’ll receive free bonuses.

Bonus #1 – “How to Build a Water Biofilter”

  • This report puts “Pocket Farm” on overdrive and turns it into a backup source of fresh drinking water for emergencies. With this filtration system, your family will have hundreds of gallons of fresh drinking water.

Bonus #2 – “Surviving an Economic Collapse”

  • Learn about the future by analyzing the past. This eBook guide gives you a history lesson on global events like the Bosnian war, teaching you what to expect in times of crisis.

Bonus #3 – “27 Items You Need to Hoard Before a Crisis”

  • This eBook guide gives you a list of almost 30 indispensable items you need around the house to ensure you’re prepared for any event.

Don’t miss out on these bonuses!

The Pocket Farm – FAQs

Q: Who Can Benefit From the Pocket Farm?

A: Everyone can benefit from the pocket Farm. This system is easy to build in any environment and on any property. Whether you reside in a suburban area, city, or country, The Pocket Farm provides everything to set up and grow your food.

Q: What Can I Grow With the Pocket Farm?

A: The Pocket Farm is a perfect solution for cultivating organic produce. If it grows in the ground, it will grow in this aquaponics system. Use The Pocket Farm to grow produce and fruits to save on groceries. Learn to store your crops and ensure you never run out of food.

Q: Do I Need Horticultural Experience to Set Up and Use the Pocket Farm?

A: No. The Pocket Farm is designed to be easy for anyone to set up and operate, regardless of your horticultural or farming experience. This guide contains everything you need to know about building, managing, and maintaining the system.

Q: Can I Grow Enough Food to Feed My Family and Community With the Pocket Farm?

A: Yes! The Pocket Farm is scalable and can provide enough organic produce for a family or even an entire town.

Q: How Much Will It Cost Me to Set Up the Pocket Farm?

A: Setting up The Pocket Farm on your property is incredibly affordable. The initial prototype build cost Alec a little over $400 to build. However, Nate managed to cut the Pocket Farm Building expenses in half. You can now set up your Pocket Farm for only $190. Alec said $40 was for hiring someone to help with the build and $70 for a part he could have found for free.

With access and someone helping you, you could set up your Pocket Farm for less than $120.


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