Twins, 9, scoop up jobs, ice cream

Your eyes are fine if you’re seeing double at Double Scoop

Now that June is drawing near, more kids will be visible in summer jobs, bagging groceries, serving food and selling ice cream.

If you happen to stop in at Emma and Otto’s, a new farm-to-cone ice cream stand on Winslow Way near the Bainbridge Island Art Museum, you’ll notice that the summer help is a little younger and a little shorter than usual.

Helping out a little bit at the shop manning the counter are two enterprising 9-year-old twins, Noah and Lucas Rudolph, who just finished homeschooling for the year and started scooping and dishing out ice cream for islanders and tourists at their parents’ ice cream shop.

Noah is the main scooper and manages his way around the small tubs of ice cream to form the perfect ball to place on top of a freshly made waffle cone, while Lucas chats with customers and handles the sales transactions. The twins aren’t regular employees, but they do like to help out once in a while.

Lucas said his favorite part of the job is taking care of the sales at the register or “POS, point of sale.” Asked about their favorite flavor, Noah suggested cookies and cream while his brother preferred vanilla.

Noah likes the ice cream because, “It’s all homemade, and the waffle cones are made by hand.”