Trump impeachment rally draws big crowd | Photo gallery

Protesters packed Bainbridge Island’s main downtown intersection Tuesday to call for the impeachment of President Donald Trump on the eve of the historic vote in the U.S. House of Representatives on two articles of impeachment.

A crowd that numbered nearly 100 at its 3 p.m. start — and later doubled in size — stood on all four corners of the Highway 305-Winslow Way intersection, hoisting signs and waving at passersby.

The “Nobody Is Above the Law” demonstration on Bainbridge was one of more than 570 protests planned nationwide in all 50 states.

Organizer Holly Brewer said the Bainbridge rally was part of the national mobilization to endorse the impeachment of the 45th president.

“On Bainbridge Island, we had over 200 signups and attendees,” Brewer said.

“The event was attended by folks who are part of Indivisible Bainbridge Island, Kitchen Table Activists and Voices of the Majority,” she added. “These are all groups resisting the Trump agenda. There are more details about their weekly meetings at

“We were honored not only by sharing the sidewalk with so many neighbors — but also with a fun character wearing the papier-mâché Trump head,” Brewer said. “The Trump head was made by a national group called the Backbone Campaign, and is on loan to North Kitsap Indivisible, who joined us.”

Demonstrators were greeted with a constant barrage of honks from passing drivers, though they were ready for other responses, as well.

“Be ready, we’ll get catcalls once the ferry unloads,” one demonstrator said to another.

“You think so?” another asked.


“That’s fine, as long as they do it civilly.”

Not all did, but that didn’t matter to some.

“We got a middle finger!” one man said to the person next to him. “Yes!”

One of the biggest cheers from the crowd of protesters erupted after a U.S. Postal Service semi-trailer truck passed by and the driver blasted his horn all the way through the intersection.

One attendee brought American flags left over from Bainbridge’s Fourth of July shindig to pass out to other protesters. Many brought home-made signs, or quickly made ones in Waypoint Park before joining the rally.

Demonstrators talked, of course, about the impending House vote on impeachment. Others talked about Trump’s six-page letter to Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, which has been described as “unhinged” and “bonkers” by some media outlets.

Many pulled out their cell phones to take selfies.

“We need a new Christmas card,” one person joked.

Tourists to Bainbridge also stopped to take photos, and a large group of foreign visitors paused for a long while to take videos and pictures of the scene.

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