Bainbridge blotter | Get off the phone

Selected reports from the Bainbridge Island Police Department blotter.


3:08 p.m. Three adult men got into a scuffle at an island theater after one of them was confronted by the other two for having been on his phone during the film.

The victim, 62, of Bainbridge, was still at the scene when police arrived. He told them he’d been to see the new “Ford Vs. Ferrari” movie and, while inside, had received a phone call. He’d turned off the ringer and put the phone away without answering, he said, but after the movie ended he found a man at the end of the aisle waiting to confront him.

The other man, later identified as a 66-year-old island man, said he did not appreciate the other man being on his phone during the movie.

At this point another man, not identified, came over and said he also did not appreciate it.

The 62-year-old pushed his way through the men and tried to leave, at which point the unknown man pushed or punched him in the back as he left. The man took pictures of the two who’d confronted him, and got a decent photo of the unknown man but only a shot of the other’s license plate as he was driving away.

The man was not injured and declined both medical assistance and the option to press charges. He said he wanted them to know it was “not OK” to confront people in the movie theater like that.

Police ran the license plate and identified one of the other men. He told police the other man had been on his phone and adjusting his ring tone “almost the entire movie.” He claimed not to know the man who came over to join in the confrontation, but said he introduced himself afterward as “Steve.”

He said he did not see Steve hit or push the 62-year-old.

A report was filed.

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