Bainbridge blotter | Drunk and combative

Selected reports from the Bainbridge Island Police Department blotter.


3:18 a.m. A 64-year-old homeless man was arrested for assault and unlawful transit conduct after starting a fire at a bus stop and allegedly attacking a police officer.

Just before 3 a.m. an officer observed the man, who was known to police from “many previous contacts” sitting at the Kitsap Transit bus stop on Highway 305 just north of the High School Road intersection. He was poking a small fire with a stick.

The officer approached, saw the fire was burning a small pile of garbage. The man appeared drunk, as was the case, the officer said, “in almost all my previous contacts with him.”

The officer told the man it was illegal for him to camp at the bus stop, litter and start a fire at the bus stop, and told him to put out the fire and throw away the garbage. The man said he understood and stomped out the fire. He then tried to pick up the still-burning cinders with his bare hands, but the officer told him to stop because he’d burn himself. The officer then helped stomp out the remaining cinders and the man put the garbage in a nearby can. The officer then cleared the scene without incident.

Later, slightly after 3 a.m., another officer on duty said he’d observed the same man starting another fire at the same bus stop on his way to assist the first officer with a traffic stop. That situation resolved, both officers set off to confront the man again.

The second officer arrived first and when the original officer, who had first advised the man to leave the area, got there he saw the homeless man advancing on the other cop. A physical struggle ensued wherein officers pulled the homeless man to the ground, pinned him there and handcuffed him.

The homeless man had attacked the first cop on the scene, punching him in the chin as he approached.

The homeless man at first denied this, but later apologized for doing so and asked the officer if he was OK.

Police summoned a fire department unit to treat the man’s injury: a cut on the center of his brow that was bleeding slightly. The officer complained of a sore chin where he’d been hit and a sore right elbow following the altercation. He’d had a 16-year-old civilian rider at the time of the incident, who observed the entire incident and corroborated the officer’s testimony.

Paramedics attended to the homeless man. The injured officer declined aid.

The man was booked into Kitsap County Jail. Bail was set at $11,500.