When you need a House Key

By Kim McLaughlin, a Real Estate Broker serving Bainbridge and surrounding areas.

Have you met someone where they are? Have you reached out? Have you circled back around? What does all this mean? Is it a way of touching base with a friend, family member, client? Does it feel genuine? What does “genuine” mean?

To me, being genuine means that I’m going to deliver on what I promise. Success, to me, is a focus on YOU, not on being a brand. When a client successfully closes a real estate transaction, I succeed. All the branding in the world is meaningless if it’s just words with no accountability. Slick social media, fancy Instagram reels, and polished slogans don’t make a successful home purchase or sale; a successful real estate transaction takes attention to detail, elbow grease, and the empathetic application of skill and experience. That’s the difference between action and words: It’s easy to make someone feel good by using the right words, but what matters is actually putting promises into action.

I list and sell homes, and in doing that the most important part is that I help manage a stressful situation to bring as much joy to the process as possible. No one looks forward to moving. It can be overwhelming and daunting, and whether you’re a pro or a novice, having an experienced Real Estate Broker move you through the process as your personal advocate is priceless. Navigating the unique details, personalities, and competing interests of each transaction — removing as many stressful bumps as possible along the way — is key, as in House Key! (I’m like a house key!)

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Listing Your Home

In the beginning, I build a timeline to assist in defining what actions to take and make a workable plan. Together we adapt it as needed; though the path can wiggle, we stay focused. Above all, we make clear what you need, as this is why you have representation! Kitsap County is rife with complicating factors such as septic systems and well compliance, possible boundary issues, myriad rules and regulations for waterfront properties, home inspections, and repairs. Each of these is manageable with the assistance of your trusted professional House Key.

Readying your home for sale can take months. How could there possibly be a cookie-cutter process for selling? I provide a knowledgeable advocacy in each situation, as no two homes or sellers are the same.

Purchasing a Home

Admittedly, viewing homes is easy. But the details of location, price, commute time and ferry schedules, access to town, inspections and inspection responses, and your budget all contribute to the stresses of purchasing a home. Your House Key will tell you: Endeavor to enjoy digging into all the factors you need to consider! There’s always another home if you miss out on one, and keep in mind, this is your space within which you may spend a large part of your time. Make it count and spend time finding the right fit! Homes aren’t shoes!

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