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Baby it's cold outside, but there's time to play.


Baby it’s cold outside, but there’s time to play.

Bainbridge High was reppin’ at Sundance this year, with a melancholy flick produced by ’01 grad Clare Paterson and written/directed by her husband Charles Poekel. Playing at Dragonfly Cinemas in Port Orchard through next Thursday, “Christmas, Again” is about a heartbroken Christmas tree salesman who returns to New York City for yet another season, hoping to put the past year, and specifically an ex-girlfriend, behind him. He spars with customers and two lovey-dovey co-workers until a mysterious woman helps to rescue him from his gloom. Dragonfly Cinemas, 822 Bay St., Port Orchard. Daily through Dec. 17, times vary. $9.50 general admission; $7.50 senior/child, evening showing; $7.50 general admission, matinee; $5.50 senior/child, matinee; free for military, police, firefighter with I.D. 360-519-4333,

With hibernating season upon us, it’s time to stock up on hot bevs, dark chocolate covered peppermint Joe Joe’s and DVDs. Head to Silver Screen Video for the latter. Their Huge DVD Sale boasts $4 DVDs or 10 for $30. Next week, prices drop (one for $2 or 10 for $10), but so does the selection. Silver Screen Video, 325 Tormey Lane NE No. 143. Saturday and Sunday, 12 to 8 p.m. 206-842-0261.

Follow the Figgy Pudding Peddlers as they wassail down Winslow Way, and you’re sure to find your Grinch-heart growing. These merry minstrels, headed up by Jendi Watson, will be singing carols for three hours, beginning at the community tree. Madrone Lane. Saturday, 2 p.m. Free.

Oliver!” + “Mary Poppins” continue with Friday, Saturday and Sunday performances. Full details/tickets here and here.


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Best Bets for Dec. 11 – Dec. 13 | THE BAINBRIDGE BLAB

Baby it's cold outside, but there's time to play.

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