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It’s time to take a dip in the hot tub time machine to find out what was making news on Bainbridge Island way back in the day. This week, we take a look at the Aug. 13, 1969 edition. Far out, man.

It’s time to take a dip in the hot tub time machine to find out what was making news on Bainbridge Island way back in the day.

This week, we take a look at the Aug. 13, 1969 edition. Far out, man.


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Agnew’s Cuff-Links Due at Auction

You don’t have to be a celebrity to donate to this year’s Rotary Auction.

But some of the most interesting contributions to date come from well-known persons.

Take Vice President Spiro Agnew, for example. He turned down an invitation to attend the auction, but he sent along a pair of cuff-links to be auctioned off. And Sen. Warren G. Magnuson has replied to the Bainbridge Rotary Club’s request for an auction-able item with the promise of one of his personal paintings.

“This is really a cherished prize from our senior senator,” said Rotarian Fred Tyszko this week. “Senator Magnuson is well known for his artistic talents.”

Sen. Henry M. Jackson, not to be outdone, says he is sending an appropriate gift.

Congressman Tom Pelly has donated a set of heavy metal Lincoln bookends.

Another gift bears the name tag of Art Linkletter, radio-television personality.


Football, 1969: Independent Role for Sparts


Like it or not, Bainbridge High School’s football Spartans face an independent role in the 1969-70 season.

They’ll be playing their regular Olympic League schedule. But they won’t be an Olympic League team, and they won’t be eligible for a league trophy.

Coach Glenn Skinner will be the first to admit that any championship talk this year would be a long shot indeed. Skinner lost a tremendous slice of last year’s varsity team at graduation.


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Moon Photos By Our Astronauts

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Page 12



The End of an Era

SIT RIGHT UP to the bar, Lady.

The Legislature says it’s okay, as of last Monday.

Not only that, but you or the gent next to you can pick up your drink and walk right across the room without the state liquor people throwing anybody in jail.

Our state, it seems, has emerged from the Victorian era.

Whether this will make us better people, or smarter, or happier, is probably open to question. Quite possibly the Prohibitionists had the right idea, and all of us should be home watching Liberace on the TV.

All the same it’s a joy to look around and discover that there are a few less arbitrary rules in our lives.

Nobody has ever explained why a drinking-type lady belongs at a table but not at the bar. If we are going to let her out of the house at all, we might as well unleash her completely.

Even more puzzling was the rule that said the citizen with a drink had to stay off his feet. Many is the celebrant who learned too late that his feet were no longer capable of navigating him.

The new rule makes it possible to check on this. Quite possibly it will encourage sobriety.

All things considered, we are willing to believe that a certain amount of enlightenment has been afoot in Olympia. The next time you see your favorite legislator, buy him a drink. Tell him to stand up while he drinks it.







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