The people have spoken on city power | Letter to the editor

To the editor:

Your editorial [“Nothing personal against city power,” June 16] contained something that concerns me.

I totally acknowledge that I was not in favor of the city of Bainbridge Island electric utility and, in fact, correspondence from me to that effect was printed in your paper. Suffice to say I was relieved to see the undertaking come to an end, but I totally endorse that the good ideas put forth by residents and PSE and the people who wanted an island based utility be worked out in a cooperative and collaborative way to the benefit of all. PSE can stand up and be a real leader here. And it can be done.

What concerned me was Mr. Tollefson’s scolding about dishonesty and crooks in government. Yes, as you suggested, a time out indeed!

There is no question that there was doubt (me included) about the ability of the city of Bainbridge Island to take on this endeavor, notwithstanding the likely significant added cost and negligible real impact on the environment. But they were administrative concerns, not anything about dishonesty and crooks in government. Maybe I missed those letters, but certainly what I recall was not that.

I commend the council for choosing to stop this when they did. I also hope that the new candidates for Bainbridge Island council do not resurrect this and make it a continuing drag on city government. It was clear that “the people” significantly did not want it. A very vocal, articulate and well organized minority got it as far as it did, and I think that at least some of the council was substantially supportive.

Time out and then time to move on — the people have spoken.


Bainbridge Island