Squeaky Wheels had more to say in letter | Letter to the editor

To the editor:

The Review article on “Bainbridge council votes to seek $8 million in bonds” mentions a January exchange between Squeaky Wheels and Mayor Medina. The article quotes one short phrase from our letter to the council and about two dozen sentences from Medina’s email response to me, and misrepresents Squeaky Wheels’ position in the same way.

Perhaps Medina did not share my reply to his email. Here is most of it.

“It’s simple. Police and roads are the top city capital funding responsibilities. Currently the city is using major capital funding for the former and not the latter. We heard about this from at least one major city staff and one [councilmember]. Is it not a fact? As the letter says, if the council can cut lower priority funding, great…

“Comparing us to Trump is … mysterious. We are not the government executive making decisions or calling names. As the letter states, we support public safety in both forms, and do not question the need for adequate police facilities.

“Finally, our vision of the future would not substitute talking for action. Road shoulders are simple.”

Medina subsequently apologized for his email.


Bainbridge Island