Rep. Kilmer supports impending Farm Bill | Letter to the editor

To the editor:

As a retired nurse I am dismayed that the Trump administration and congressional leaders have proposed cuts to the SNAP program (also known as food stamps).

Taking food from people isn’t going to help them find work faster. If we want to help people connect with jobs, we should focus on creating jobs and policies that raise wages and address barriers such as: childcare, transportation, housing, criminal record, ill health, addiction, etc.

Often SNAP benefits run out mid-month, because a family of four only receives $231/month. The average benefit for a single person is $126/month or $1.40/day.

Students’ test scores drop when their benefits run out. Undernourished children are stunted in physical and mental growth. Malnourished pregnant women are more likely to have stillborn or low birth weight babies. Undernourished elderly folks can not fight off illnesses.

I’m pleased that Congressman Kilmer supports SNAP and other “safety net” programs and fights to give our next generation a shot at the American dream.


Bainbridge Island