Medina has been a leader on the council | Letter to the editor

To the editor:

We have an important reelection decision on the council this November and I want to offer my strong support for one of our current councilmembers, Kol Medina, who is also now our mayor.

I’ve had the chance to see Mayor Medina at several council meetings and in face-to-face interactions with other islanders and what I always see is a thoughtful, careful listener. He brings a deep set of skills to his office, having led volunteer organizations here on the Island and in Kitsap for over 15 years, most recently the Kitsap Community Foundation. Kol cares deeply about the Island and in particular advocating “good growth” that fits the culture of this island as more people discover our slice of paradise. He’s also been a leader on the council on important environmental issues, including groundwater recharge, climate change and working to broaden the transportation options available to folks living and working here.

I’m also impressed by Kol’s accessibility — he holds “office hours” most Saturdays at the upper level of T&C in town and anyone can come to ask questions, offer suggestions or just meet him. I’ve gone a few times to these and always found a line of people waiting to talk to him, so clearly this is something that people want — and he set an example for the council as others are now holding office hours to be more accessible to the community.

There is so much talent on this island and we deserve a well-functioning local government — Kol Medina is part of making that happen and I hope all islanders will support his reelection in November.


Bainbridge Island

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