Lower speed limits are needed | Letter to the editor

To the editor:

I am a proponent of public safety on Island roads — our public rights-of-way.

I am also a proponent of Island life that supports all residents and neighborhoods.

Public roads are the currency of our connection to all Island destinations — we send our kids off to school, check our mailboxes, visit our neighbors, go shopping, and head out for a stroll.

Unfortunately, many posted road speeds and speed enforcement are contrary to the values of community and public safety. Why should an Islander worry about the use and safety of the street in front of their house.

It seems an easy cost/benefit analysis to lower speeds and have stronger enforcement. The cost is merely a few seconds of travel time. The benefit is stronger and safer community.

I suggest the new Council consider actions to reduce, simplify, and enforce posted speeds in residential areas. It would also be worthy to review road classifications; many residential streets on the Island do not meet current design standards including shoulders and visibility.

Why are many residential Island roads posted at 30 mph when Airport Way and Martin Luther King — huge arterials that meet design and safety standards, are also 30MPH.

I believe we are better off reducing the auto-centric use of our public rights-of-way.

An easy and cheap start is to loose a few seconds on a commute and gain a peace of mind and better place to live.


Bainbridge Island