Letters to the Editor

New pool needed

To the editor:

Bainbridge Island has an opportunity to invest in the future of our community with construction of a new pool at the aquatic center. It is my hope that Parks commissioners will seize this chance to pursue the Aquatic Center Replacement Plan vs. an attempt to continue to repair Ray pool. That pool constantly has broken tiles, light covers and other elements in need of repair. Closing the pool for months for maintenance leaves swimmers constantly juggling for space to train and stay in shape.

My family is an avid user of the aquatic center. The pool is one of the most-used public facilities on BI. All parents with children my son’s age are desperate for reliable places for their family to swim.

Swimming is a lifelong sport for me. The pool and Bainbridge Aquatics Masters have been a source of friendship and community. Our swim team contains college swimmers, parents, retirees and is a welcoming place for anyone. Constant repairs at Ray pool threaten that community. Yet a new pool would support the demand — both from BAM (currently 170 members strong with a waitlist) and our club and high school swim teams.

Swimming is a passion for many on BI. Our high school swim teams have won state at least seven times and our Masters Swim Team coach was recognized as Coach of the Year in 2018. BI deserves a pool that reflects our community’s talent and interest. Now is the time to support the Aquatic Center Replacement Plan.

Erika Borg


Fine foundation

To the editor:

Recently a group gathered to celebrate the Run Far Foundation’s one-year anniversary at the Treehouse Cafe on Bainbridge.

The foundation was started by Greg Nance, who famously ran across the United States last year to bring awareness to youth mental health. The goal is to build support systems using after-school running clubs as an outlet to address teen suicide, help youth develop emotional resilience, develop healthy habits, set big goals and become impactful conservationists while building a customized tool kit for mental health.

A pilot 10-week program, the Nisqually Run Far Club, begins next month and concludes with a five-mile run and a capstone project for salmon recovery on the Nisqually River.

The foundation is an official partner of the Pittsburg Marathon, mobilizing thousands of runners to become mental health champions for their marathon May 7. The ultimate goal is to scale projects across the country to public schools and Native American tribes and create outreach to vulnerable youth. Being a part of something bigger and joining others in a worthy cause takes you out of your depression into a world that has support and camaraderie.

Youth try to assimilate at a time when their bodies and hormones are at the extremes of change and are very vulnerable. Teenage suicide has increased over the last decade and is now their second-leading cause of death. Nance has created a network that’s gaining steam and is making a difference to change those grim statistics.

Hallette Salazar


Fashionable driving

To the editor:

Like bell-bottom jeans and platform shoes, your vehicle’s turn indicator is back in fashion. I know you thought that little lever was passé, but now is the perfect time to rediscover it on your steering column and flaunt it at every turn.

So when you spot that rare driver in the roundabout who actually signals their intention to exit, you’ll know you are witnessing a chic and savvy trendsetter. And while you’re dusting off your turn indicator, please remember that a Stop sign is not a suggestion — bringing your vehicle to a complete stop has always been in style.

So thank you, fellow island drivers, for making safe driving not only stylishly smart, but always in fashion.

Sue Lindsey


Goodbye Anna

To the editor:

Winslow just lost a valued business of 20-plus years. Anna of “Cuts Above” just closed her shop after a medical emergency. She was a town institution. For 20 years I got my hair cut and was entertained with the latest island news as she snipped away. I will miss her and our bimonthly chats during my dehairing.

Gary Pettersen