Letters to the editor

Enjoyed Halloween

To the editor,

We live in the Fort Ward community on Parade Grounds. I don’t know how many kids came to the house but we went through three big bowls of candy. At the end of the evening there was one piece of candy left. I turned off the lights, and ate it and thought back about the evening.

Without exception, every child from toddler to teen was polite, said thank you and made me realize what a great place for families to grow up. We have lived here since 1968, with a couple of years out for job moves, and the “Rock” is our anchor.

Thanks kids for coming by and hope to see you next year.

Dick Culp

No to hall

To the editor:

I am responding to your recent article on the possible Cavatina performance hall project.

This project obviously does not fit in with a bedroom community of any sort. The large attendance required for such a facility will never sustain itself as Seattle patrons have plenty of entertainment venues without the issue of the ferry system.

The outdoor view for this project would look directly onto ferry parking and egress roadway, which does not seem “lovely” to me. Support staff would be coming from off-island so now the one lane inbound could become a longer backup.

The remaining Kitsap and Olympic peninsula population may not necessarily pay the high ticket prices required for worthwhile entertainment names to play here. This is such a poor idea for Bainbridge. Maybe Chicago will say yes.

Richard Potter

Bainbridge Island

It’s too big

To the editor:

Referring to the front page of the Oct. 28 edition of the Review, “BI entry: From eyesore to eye-popping,” I would say, “Is this a joke? Are you kidding me?” Instead, it should read, “BI entry: From appropriate use to eyesore.”

I cannot conceive of a more inappropriate monstrosity for a building on Bainbridge Island. This is not the place for a gigantic stadium. It would not only “ transform the waterfront,” it would transform Bainbridge, bringing thousands of people to the island. No thank you.

Please keep the pavilions in Seattle, where they belong, not on an island, home to those who want peace and quiet.

Angela Sandri