Letters to the Editor

Support Tawresey

To the editor:

There isn’t a better candidate for Kitsap Public Utility Commissioner than Alice Tawresey. She has had many positions of responsibility over the years and has served all with the ability to listen, build consensus, lead with initiative and a love of serving others.

My latest experience with Alice was to ask if she would be willing to take over planning the Bainbridge High School Baccalaureate for the Interfaith Council. She agreed without hesitation. She led a willing group of high schoolers with grace, joy and enthusiasm, which resulted in a well-planned and executed, and well-attended ceremony.

My first introduction to Alice was in 1987, when she was mayor of the then city of Winslow, when I was asked to chair the first Public Art Committee. It was Alice’s initiative that created the 1 percent for Art Committee. The first project was the sculpture, Rainbringer, at the roundabout at Madison and High School Road, and the second was the sidewalk art along High School Road.

In all my work with Alice, she has always been joyful, supportive, friendly, organized and positive. Our government would accomplish a great deal if we had more people like Alice in positions of leadership.

Susan R. Anderson

Crying for dollars

To the editor:

It was clear in 2018 why then-Councilmember Sarah Blossom had Lisa Neal removed from the Island Center Citizens Committee (resulting in a pending federal lawsuit against the city), and it’s now clear why Planning Commissioners Blossom and Ashley Mathews, along with Councilmembers Jon Quitslund and Joe Deets, carved Lisa Macchio from the Planning Commission in favor of island newcomers more likely to follow Blossom’s lead.

These players, along with COBI Planning Department staff, want a clear playing field so they can institute Floor Area Ratio instead of “units per acre” in Lynwood, Island Center and Rolling Bay.

These same players imposed a litmus test for the last Planning Commission appointments — agreement that single-family zoning should be abolished.

FAR will open the high-density development floodgates in those areas, possibly lining the pockets of Lynwood raw landowners, along with architects/developers/realtors who may hope to profit from their neighbors’ misery in the laudable name of “affordable housing.”

Tears for “affordable housing” will pale compared to your tears of grief if these graspers get their FAR into your neighborhood. Wake up, Bainbridge Island — things are about to change, for the worse. This is a turning point.

Chris Neal

Bainbridge Island

Cancel catalogs

To the editor:

I have a cheap, easy solution for Tom Tyner’s problem with receiving way too many catalogs as he described in his Sept. 16 column in the Review.

Here is what you do. Save up a stack of those catalogs and sit down at your computer. Type in CatalogChoice.org. At the top of the page, click Cancel a Catalog. Then type in your catalog’s name. You need to have the catalog at hand to enter some more information. Then submit.

You’ll stop getting the catalogs, avoid a lot of temptation, solve the problem of your wife ordering something you don’t need, and save a ton of paper in the process. And you don’t have to cancel Victoria’s Secret.

Fran Korten

Bainbridge Island