Letters to the editor

Books misrepresented

To the editor:

A Jan. 14 letter to the Bainbridge Island Review newspaper criticizes literary choices made by our schools in support of the District Improvement Plan’s anti-racist goals.

It misrepresents the contents of these books by cherry-picking lines and removing necessary context from those quotes to create a narrative not in these works.

In particular, it quotes from Dr. Kendall’s book “How to be an Anti-Racist.” Eight words (ibid, p19) have been plucked from a book that is in excess of 600 pages- eight words removed from a larger discussion of the injustices faced by communities of color, eight words selected specifically to stoke fear of anti-racist movements.

“Not My Idea” by A. Higgenbotham receives a similar treatment- quoting a single page from a 60-page book and removing vital context to create a theme of anti-white bigotry not present in these books.

The letter indicates a “better way” to achieve anti-racist goals, but proposes no options. It is left for those most impacted by racism to find a way suitable to the tastes of the letter writer to address the systemic problem of racism in our communities and nation.

Books like these inspire conversations – difficult conversations- but conversations necessary for the progress of equality. I would encourage parents to read these books with your children. Don’t listen to the caricature of their ideas – read them with an open mind.

Michael Gutteridge

Bainbridge Island

A real mess

To the editor:

Donald Trump screwed up our country so badly that we settled for Joe Biden. We have a real mess on our hands.

PJ McEwan

Bainbridge Island