Letters to the Editor

Choose Goodlin

To the editor:

I’ve known Tom Goodlin for about 15 years and worked alongside him on a campaign for four years. Tom has many positive traits, and the one that stands out to me is he’s a very good listener. He is both an open-minded and active listener. He welcomes your opinion while at the same time respecting opposing viewpoints.

If you couple these attributes with his dedicated volunteer work for the land trust and his track record over the last two years of service and contributions to the parks board, Tom is the right choice for a full term as parks commissioner. We are fortunate to have Tom on the board, and I ask you to join me in voting for six more years of additional service.

Paul Webber


Vote Haugan

To the editor:

I’m writing on behalf of Dick Haugan who is running for Bainbridge Island City Council. I have known Dick for over 30 years and have seen him in various community roles. I have observed and worked with him in numerous formats and wearing numerous hats. What has always impressed me about Dick is his commitment to getting to the heart of a matter and then follow through with whatever he promised to do. He works tirelessly.

Having been on BI for 40 years, I have had many dealings with the city, the council, the Planning Commission and the building department. I can honestly say that I don’t know of anyone who has worked as hard as Dick in fighting for key issues that we all face in living on this great island.

This is not a matter of political views, but rather having people on the council who can get things done. Dick is one of those people. We need people who are doers, not just talkers.

It’s not often I see a candidate willing to stand up and do the right thing. Dick is that guy. It’s time for some change, and Dick is the guy to help make that happen.

Tad Fairbank


Vote Kirsten

To the editor:

I voted for Kirsten Hytopoulos. She’s bright, level-headed and understands our precious island’s unique character. Her ability to work collaboratively with council and community members is unprecedented. I value the work she’s accomplished on environmental issues, climate change and affordable housing.

During her time as past mayor and current councilmember, Kirsten has been accessible and discusses challenging topics with a listening ear. She’s made it clear she has a genuine interest in the future of Bainbridge Island. As an island resident for 33 years, I’ve worked with her on critical groundwater and contentious zoning issues. She’s listened to our concerns while seeking fellow councilmembers’ opinions.

Kirsten has high moral standards and is a highly regarded professional – just the traits one wants to see in a councilmember. I encourage you to vote for Kristen. She will continue to make a difference in the quality of our future lives.

Wendy Tyner