Letter to the Editor

Out of focus

To the editor:

It makes sense to improve non-motorized safety and encourage more islanders to ride and walk. Improvements are long overdue. Unfortunately City Council has taken their hands off the handlebars and are spending money and staff time on riders and walkers that are nearly exclusively from off-island.

Yes, we are still spending money and time on the Sound to Olympics trail while safe routes to school and safe shoulders for commuters and families are languishing. Connecting north island neighborhoods needs to be done. But the STO is along a highway and bypasses neighborhoods, schools, shopping and parks.

Shouldn’t the city focus on improving north/south island roads? Let’s make safe non-motorized improvement along North Madison, Sunrise, Grand, Ferncliff and more. What would be better? I would prefer to check my mailbox, visit neighbors, and see kids safely to school with at least a shoulder. You?

Kent Scott