Letter to the editor

Thanks Kirsten

To the editor:

I wish to commend Kristen Hytopoulus, as quoted in the The Review’s 98110 newspaper, for voicing her concern about the Bainbridge Island City Council interfering with creation of a play park in Fort Ward. (11/18 “BI won’t support its committee”). Thrusting a new political entity into the mix at the last moment will only extend an already arduous process. The BI Metro Parks & Recreation board was scheduled to vote Dec. 1 on a final plan.

The Parade Grounds are the historic heart of Fort Ward. Adding a playground not only benefits families with children, but also prospers neighborhood cohesion. In an emergency, knowing one’s neighbors and their needs and skills is a necessity, especially in a neighborhood as remote as Fort Ward.

The Fort Ward Action Plan, as adopted by COBI in the mid-1990s and the product of a COBI-sponsored charette, contains numerous references for recreation on the Parade Grounds. Over multiple generations, recreational opportunities on the Parade Grounds have existed formally as a baseball field, tennis courts, marching field and picnic tables, and informally for use playing croquet, soccer, kite-flying, and frisbee catching, among other activities.

Thank you, Kristen, for a common-sense response to a handful of newcomers with a NIMBY attitude.

Mary Victoria Dombrowski

Bainbridge Island