Drivers are to blame on Fletcher Bay Road | Letter to the editor

To the editor:

As someone who has worked for many years designing processes, I always balked when someone came up with a “needed” change to address a problem that wasn’t caused by existing processes but specific behavior that needed to be addressed.

If the speed limit changing from 25 to 35 mph “encourages drivers to hit the gas” and then “they are going by at 50 or 55” which is terrifying. Isn’t the issue that cars are speeding and should be ticketed for doing so?

The addition of new shoulders to improve safety for pedestrians and bicyclists “has given the driver the freedom to go faster”? Does this mean we should not have shoulders for pedestrians and bicyclists because the police can’t keep drivers from speeding?

“According to the city’s Public Works Department, the design of Fletcher Bay Road supports the posted speed limit” and as a neighbor that travels this stretch of road every day, I agree.

Shouldn’t the petition be to increase police presence and add those wonderful monitors that flash your speed limit to remind drivers how fast they are going?

Please address the correct issue which is speeding and inattentive drivers not an incorrectly posted speed limit.


Bainbridge Island

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