Deets displays a balanced approach | Letter to the editor

To the editor:

I have lived on the Island for the last six years. I have known Joe Deets for over 10 years.

What impresses me most about Joe is that he is conscientious and balanced in his approach to issues. He objectively includes perspectives from all sides and has the experience to analyze issues from multiple perspectives. Before his national environmental work in solar and sustainable energy, Joe was in the banking industry in Hong Kong. This rare combination of experience in business and environmental advocacy allows him to bring together diverse partners to address issues and to analyze the issues and impacts from vital vantage points: sustainability, community benefit, economic development and financial efficiency.

Joe is also a leader who has demonstrated the ability to implement practical projects that benefit residents, neighborhoods, city government and business interests. Two of his statewide solar projects did just that, without using taxpayer dollars.

I believe we need people like Joe who have expertise across disciplines to help the residents of the Island create visionary solutions and address pressing problems.

I know Joe loves life on the Island and is committed to continuing the spirit and character of the Island we hold dear.


Bainbridge Island