Tim Gruver

2017 Legislative Session | Public records access, costs targets of two House bills advancing to Senate

OLYMPIA –– In floor action Mar. 3, the House of Representatives passed two measures that affect the cost of providing digitized public records to requesters,… Continue reading


2017 Legislative Session | Legislature shines spotlight on public records requests, costs

OLYMPIA –– Public records are one of the most important tools citizens use to keep tabs on government, but emerging technologies have made maintaining their… Continue reading


2017 Legislative Session | Prisoners released early, late spark corrective act: paperwork

OLYMPIA – Sloppy paperwork could be costing countless prisoners in the state’s Department of Corrections custody incorrect terms, in some instances early releases not intended… Continue reading


2017 Legislative Session | Thriving state marijuana market gets potful of legislative attention

OLYMPIA - A number of bills in the Washington Legislature could change the way people buy, sell and grow marijuana. The bills received hearings this… Continue reading

2017 Legislative Session | Universities’ secret presidential selection process sparks Senate oversight proposal

OLYMPIA – Applicants for universities’ top leadership positions may have to answer to your state senator rather than a board of regents or trustees if… Continue reading

2017 Legislative Session | Legislative proposal overhauls initiative review process to assure constitutionality

OLYMPIA – A lot of time and money goes into writing initiatives you vote on each November, all of which goes to waste if those… Continue reading

2017 Legislative Session | Washington’s basic driver’s license fails federal REAL ID requirements

OLYMPIA –– Your driver’s license might not fly with airport security in less than a year’s time if the state fails to meet federal identification… Continue reading

2017 Legislative Session | Sexual assault cold cases earn legislators’ attention

OLYMPIA - In past decades a rape case could have been dismissed because it lacked DNA evidence necessary for courts to bring a perpetrator to… Continue reading

2017 Legislative Session | Road-usage charges may replace gas tax as WSDOT prepares to launch test program

OLYMPIA – You could be paying by the mile rather than by the gallon if a new program by the Washington State Department of Transportation… Continue reading

2017 Legislative Session | Transportation Commission traces reform in road maintenance, construction funding

OLYMPIA — In 2012, the Washington State Transportation Commission and a 25-member stakeholder committee researched road usage charges as an alternative to the gas tax,… Continue reading