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DR. Fauci, we always knew it would come to this

Let’s begin today with Joe Biden, who is far too often trumped by the tumultuous roar of the MAGA train wreck. Biden, who currently leads… Continue reading


The Fake ‘Obamagate’ Is Trump’s New Birther Con | Dick Polman

Trump’s pathetic competitive obsession with his predecessor knows no bounds, and now that his deadly failures are being fully exposed, he actually thinks he can… Continue reading


Refusing to Wear a Mask is America at its Worst | Dick Polman

There are many things I love about my country. But “rugged individualism,” when taken to its extreme, does not make my list. Nor does religious… Continue reading


America’s Dumbest Governor is Fixin’ to Get More People Killed | Dick Polman

It was already clear, two years ago, that Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp had a screw loose. In a TV ad during his successful gubernatorial campaign,… Continue reading

Six Reasons Why Uncle Joe is Well Positioned to Topple Trump | Dick Polman

Democrats have entered the hand-wringing phase of the election season, fretting about Joe Biden and poised to leap from their windows. I’ve been around this… Continue reading

Trump and Fox News: Deadly Lies in a Feedback Loop | Dick Polman

Before focusing on today’s timely topic – Trump and Fox News, deadly together – I want to tell you a little story about the time… Continue reading

As Coronavirus Spreads, Trump Showing How Unfit He Is To Lead | Dick Polman

I’ve been reading Erik Larson’s new book, “The Splendid and the Vile,” which chronicles the first year of Winston Churchill’s wartime stint as prime minister.… Continue reading

Uncle Joe Is On Top, and That’s No Malarkey | Dick Polman

Joe Biden, seemingly DOA, has staged one of the greatest political comebacks in history. On Tuesday night, he won at least nine of Super Tuesday’s… Continue reading

Here’s how Bernie can beat Trump! (Possibly. Theoretically.) | Dick Polman

Bernie Sanders’ sweeping win in the Nevada Democratic caucus will surely prompt the Russians to pop Champagne. They’ve been reportedly boosting Bernie behind the scenes,… Continue reading

New Hampshire Muddle: Bernie Underwhelms the Yogi Berra Democrats | Dick Polman

Yogi Berra has a timely warning for the fractured Democratic party. The baseball legend and accidental oracle is reputed to have said, “It gets late… Continue reading

Dear Democrats: Beat Bernie Sanders, Or You’ll Feel the Burn | Dick Polman

What a dire scenario: A corrupt Republican president soaked in scandal wins re-election in part because dimwitted Democrats decide to nominate a small-state senator who’s… Continue reading

Goodbye, Democracy. Hello, King Donald the First. | Dick Polman

Back in December of 2015, on the cusp of the 2016 presidential primaries, when candidate Trump was previewing his Putinesque behavior, I warned in a… Continue reading

The Trump Trial is Democracy’s Ultimate Stress Test | Dick Polman

In a column on the eve of the 2016 election, I warned that if Donald Trump were to inexplicably occupy the White House, he would… Continue reading

Michael Corleone Could Teach Trump a Lesson About Iran | Dick Polman

Before Donald Trump began to slur his words and concoct fake verbs like “tolerize,” he declared that “as long as I’m president of the United… Continue reading

Buzz Off, 2019: A Pop Quiz On This Year’s Trumpster Fire | Dick Polman

Year three of the man-child administration was much like his first two, only more so. But before you compel yourself, for the sake of your… Continue reading

Will Impeachment Hurt Trump in 2020? Here’s the Case for Optimism | Dick Polman

Most Americans, exhausted by Trump’s demagogic lying and relentless pillaging of the values we hold dear, are understandably skeptical that impeachment will cleanse the stench… Continue reading

Snarky Mockery of Joe Biden is Sheer Malarkey | Dick Polman

I know it’s very uncool — at least in the precincts of snarky lefty Twitter — to defend Joe Biden, but I’ll give it a… Continue reading

A Court Ruling To Be Thankful For: ‘Presidents Are Not Kings’ | Dick Polman

As we survey the havoc that President Trump and his sycophants have wreaked on the institutions of government, we can at least be thankful, during… Continue reading

Ambassador Goes Full Agatha Christie on the Trump Regime | Dick Polman

Do you remember the climax of Agatha Christie’s “Murder on the Orient Express?” It turned out all the murder suspects were guilty. And as Trump’s… Continue reading

Why are Republicans Still Obsessed with the Whistleblower? | Dick Polman

The public impeachment hearings were barely underway when Jim Jordan, the GOP’s attack Chihuahua, began to yap about the whistleblower. Where’s the whistleblower? Why can’t… Continue reading