Tirman will be practical, fiscally responsible | Letter to the editor

To the editor:

On the Fourth of July I was leading my grandchildren from Waterfront Park to the parade route when I passed a booth manned by a person running for city council.

I said, “I only have about 30 seconds right now. Tell me why I should vote for you.”

The man was Matthew Tirman and I liked what I heard. Even though I didn’t tell Matt how I felt about any of the issues facing the current city council, I found that we shared the same vision for the city and the same ideas about what it will take to get there.

Matt and I have spoken many times since then and I have come to realize that my first impression was spot on. That’s why I am supporting Matt for city council.

As a husband and father, Matt is committed to putting Bainbridge Island on a path to sustainable development and budget-responsible decision-making, in order to assure that his and our children can enjoy living on this island in the future, just as we do today. As a successful businessman, Matt has demonstrated that he has the leadership skills to listen, to analyze, to prioritize, and then to implement the actions that are consistent with our Comprehensive Plan.

It is apparent from some of the decisions taken by our city council over the last few years that a change is needed. We need young, energetic and intelligent people to lead the city through these upcoming, challenging times. The city faces many important decisions to make in the next couple of years. Matt will make sure that the council focuses on the priorities established in the Comprehensive Plan. He will bring to the council a mindset of practical, fiscally-responsible decision-making.

Do you believe that Bainbridge can do a better job of protecting our beautiful natural environment? Do you believe that Bainbridge should be thought of as our home, and not just a gateway to somewhere else?

Do you believe that we can manage growth in a more sustainable manner? Do you believe that we can and should provide more affordable housing for the people who already live and work here? Do you believe that we need to be more financially accountable, so that we don’t leave our children in debt? If you do, please join me in helping elect Matthew Tirman South Ward councilman.


Bainbridge Island

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