Tirman has earned my trust | Letter to the editor

To the editor:

I support Matt Tirman for city council.

I met Matt and his family members at the Bainbridge Grand Old Fourth celebration. I immediately liked him then; he is outgoing, smart, a successful businessman, with an obvious love for his young family. My liking for him has grown as I understand his positions on the important issues facing us here on Bainbridge Island.

I think to like someone, it is necessary to trust that person — and I trust Matt Tirman.

I trust Matt to study the issues, take a stand, and come up with collaborative solutions for the good of the island.

He’s maintained his stance against the Highway 305 pedestrian/bike bridge in favor of concentrating efforts for alternative transportation for the island — such as island-wide bike trails, safe shoulders on our narrow two-lane blacktop roads for pedestrians, and working with Kitsap Transit to increase islandwide service. A million dollars for a pedestrian bridge could go a long way toward these goals.

He will work to keep volunteer committee meetings public so that we truly are a part of the process.

He is for keeping bonds for alternative transportation needs separate from any large Winslow parking garages planned.

He is strongly for developing a groundwater management plan and favors revising outdated land use and zoning laws to limit sprawl and to concentrate on affordable housing.

Of course, Matt understands our need for a new police station, but not at $30 million, and NOT done through a councilmanic bond. He’s stated the funding has to go through the people.

Matt Tirman will give us a fresh, new way of thinking, someone with a family of four children; children who have long childhood futures here on Bainbridge Island. Matt is not encumbered by the past, but one who looks forward to the future.

I trust him, I hope you will too — Matt for city council!


Bainbridge Island

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