Thanks, Senator Cantwell, for opposing repeal of ACA | Letter to the editor

To the editor:

Thanks to Senator Cantwell for opposing the Graham-Cassidy bill that would have ended health care for millions of Americans. (‘Senator Cantwell says “Trumpcare’ bill will strip health insurance from millions of Americans’ in the Bainbridge Island Review, Sept. 20, 2017)

Now, hopefully, Senator Murray’s bipartisan bill to fix some of the problems with the current system will be passed.

Of course, we will need to stay on our toes to battle new legislation to end medical care for millions, or tax reform that only gives a huge tax break for the rich.

The tax reform suggested by the president does just that. It offers a little to the middle class and nothing for the poor. Join me in asking instead for tax reform that takes action to lower income inequality.

For example, extending the Earned Income Tax Credit to young workers without children, who are often taxed INTO poverty.

A phone call or an email to those who represent you can make a real difference.



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