Councilman is no longer recognizable | Letter to the editor

To the editor:

When Councilman Ron Peltier ran for his seat on the city council, he continually stated that we must follow our Comp Plan — the plan that sets down what we want our island to be in the future. This is our vision and it was a major focus of his campaign.

The Comp Plan was updated last year, an update that involved substantial citizen input, hard work by citizens committees, local experts and decision makers and months and months of work, much of it done by volunteers. Input and comments were sought from as many citizens as possible. Mr. Peltier continued to maintain that so many of our city’s problems are due to ignoring this significant document.

What has become obvious is that Mr. Peltier only believes in following our Comp Plan when it coincides with his opinions.

There is a huge emphasis in the Comp Plan on multi-modal transportation allowing citizens of all ages and abilities to comfortably and safely bike and walk.

The bridge across Highway 305 at Knechtel has been part of our transportation plan since 2003 — a verifiable and serious safety and trail connectivity issue. It is thoroughly supported by the Comp Plan and has remained part of the plan through two separate revisions.

But Mr. Peltier has consistently ignored these facts. He doesn’t like the bridge for reasons that seem to rely on his personal opinions du jour — so suddenly the Comp Plan is irrelevant.

Mr. Peltier has also sent out numerous emails sharing his thoughts on the bridge and other issues, referring to those he disagrees with in snide terms. Hardly consistent with his call for a free and open exchange of ideas and a respect for the citizens he represents.

I have always liked and admired Ron Peltier. Councilman Peltier I don’t recognize. I look forward to and hope for a return of Candidate Peltier.

I wholeheartedly support our Comp Plan — all of it.


Bainbridge Island

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