Bainbridge Island Letters to the Editor

Letters from Bainbridge Island residents.


Thanks from the Biggs family

The family of Bryan Biggs thanks our many friends for the concern and sympathy extended to us over the last few months. We very much appreciate the care given Bryan at Messenger House. And we especially thank the entire staff at Town and Country Market for their generous and loving support.


MacGregor family expresses thanks

The MacGregor family has been overwhelmed at the outpouring of love and support by this community. The death of our husband and father Scott was sudden and shocking. Our family and friends who have carried us through this difficult time are forever in our hearts. His service was honored by the music of the Bainbridge Chorale, under the direction of Anthony Spain. Anne Pell offered her beautiful piano music to touch our hearts. We thank you all. Our thanks also to David Cook of the Cook Family Funeral Home for his support.

Thank you to the neighbors of Manual Road who gathered together to feed and shelter and comfort us. Such a group of neighbors is truly a gift to us. Linda Whitehead and the DeLuna family came to offer their skills and services, and we are most grateful.

It is now the time that we try to face the huge hole that Scott’s passing has left in our lives and the lives of so many others. We are grateful that we are able to share the burden of grief with so many kind folks. We send our thanks.


Bainbridge Island


Traffic light favors north-south drivers

What was not addressed in this story (“Green light for drivers, l-o-n-g wait for walkers,” June 4) was the l-o-n-g wait for drivers that now occurs east-west on Winslow Way at the 305 light.

The other day we waited for eight minutes while we watched the light repeatedly change from green to red allowing traffic to go north… then south …then north again. ..etc.

Meanwhile, traffic backed up to Ferncliff and Madison east-west. And this was on a Saturday evening. I can imagine the chaos on a commuter weekday.

Please get these lights better timed considering ALL the traffic patterns and routes.


Wing Point


Island needs toxic waste recycling

I know the matter of Bainbridge Disposal’s recent rate increase and how we are now paying more for half of the recycling service has been discussed previously, and I fully agree with those who express disappointment with that. However, my big complaint with Bainbridge Disposal is their failure to provide a complete recycling and disposal service for all hazardous waste commonly used in our homes and businesses, in particular, electronic equipment, paint cans and fluorescent bulbs. It has fallen to concerned citizens to provide funding and opportunity for such recycling as in our recent electronics recycling program. The failure to provide these services only encourages the improper and dangerous disposal of these items in ordinary trash or elsewhere.

Compact fluorescent bulbs are a particular concern to me. We are being encouraged to use these bulbs as an energy-saving measure, and yet there is no provision for properly disposing of them when they are used up. CF bulbs, in fact all fluorescent bulbs, contain measurable amounts of mercury and are considered toxic waste and should be recycled properly. Inquiries to Bainbridge Disposal about them result in verbal shoulder shrugging and the suggestion that toxic waste be driven to Bremerton for disposal. It’s ironic that they would even discuss the idea that I would drive a dozen CF bulbs to Bremerton for disposal. Is this energy conscious recycling?

Bainbridge Disposal’s attitude is that it isn’t their problem and they’re right, because we’ve never made it their problem. My opinion is that, as our only recycling company, the proper disposal of all commonly used toxic waste should be a requirement for their permit to operate. We should demand this of our public utilities commission.

There are companies that specialize in recycling CF and other fluorescent bulbs, ballasts and electronic equipment. I intend to organize a collection using one company’s collection products. This will cost several hundred dollars, and the time and energy of a number of people, but I know it can be done. I encourage all Bainbridge citizens to save their CF bulbs for that collection.

I am willing to organize this, but I hate that it’s necessary because of the failure of Bainbridge Disposal and the public utilities commission to mandate the collection of all toxic waste products used in the home and small businesses on Bainbridge Island.


Pleasant Beach

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