John L. Micek

This Isn’t the Chicago I Knew | John L. Micek

In October 1995, the city of Chicago was the wettest and coldest place I’d visited yet. I was out for a long weekend to visit… Continue reading

Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas – It’s Not What You Say, It’s How You Say It | John L. Micek

Another year, another fake ‘War on Christmas’ is almost in the books. On Sunday morning, a great many of us will wake up, pad quietly… Continue reading

For Some, Opposing Trump an Exercise of Democracy | John L. Micek

Meet Megan Hicks, sore loser. The Philadelphian was camped on a bench in the Pennsylvania state Capitol rotunda in Harrisburg on Monday morning, waiting, like… Continue reading

Is it Christian to Root for Dylann Roof’s Death? | John L. Micek

If there was ever a case custom-made for the death penalty, it’s that of Dylann Roof, the self-described white supremacist who was convicted Thursday of… Continue reading

Donald Trump’s Amerika | John L. Micek

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell… Yes, that Mitch McConnell … is backing a bipartisan investigation into allegations that the Russian government tampered with American elections… Continue reading

Repeat After Me: Santa is Not White | John L. Micek

Larry Jefferson, a black man, played Santa Claus at the Mall of America in Minnesota for four days last week. Naturally, racists on the Internet… Continue reading

Should Democrats Become the Party of No? | Dick Polman

Barack Obama had just beaten John McCain by a margin of 10 million votes and 7.2 percentage points - the biggest Democratic win since 1964.… Continue reading

The Populist and His Crew of Billionaires | John L. Micek

A cabinet populated by bankers and wealthy insiders. A $1 million premier package of tickets to the presidential inauguration in January. And a posh dinner… Continue reading

Tweeter in Chief | John L. Micek

It’s 3 a.m. and Donald Trump can’t sleep. Restless, he tosses back and forth between Egyptian cotton sheets. The sweat builds on his forehead. His… Continue reading

Make our (Costly) Infrastructure Great Again | John L. Micek

By his own admission, President-elect Donald Trump is a guy who likes to build stuff: A golf course in Scotland. A hotel in Washington, D.C.… Continue reading

Trump Will Have a Hard Time Draining the Swamp | John L. Micek

The internet justifiably lost its collective mind this week with the news that President-elect Donald Trump had appointed Stephen K. Bannon, a leading voice of… Continue reading

In Victory, A Side of Trump I Didn’t Expect | John L. Micek

The campaign is done. The votes are counted. And America is waking up from one of the strangest, angriest and most divisive presidential campaigns in… Continue reading

Take a Deep Breath and Vote Hillary | John L. Micek

On Tuesday, I’m going to get up bright and early, drop my daughter off at school and head to my local polling place to do… Continue reading