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Let’s Not Waste The Crisis Of Coronavirus | John L. Micek

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Yes, Trump’s Interference With Our Institutions is That Bad | John L. Micek

Susan Collins was absolutely right about this much: President Donald Trump has learned his lesson. And he’s learned it by heart. Thanks to the Senate’s… Continue reading

History Will Remember Romney, Not Collins | John L. Micek

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A Senate Only a Roman Emperor Could Love | John L. Micek

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Impeachment Trial is a Civics Lesson, Not Must-Watch TV | John L. Micek

More than once, readers have written in, or people have stopped me, to complain about their fellow Americans’ ignorance of the basic functions of government.… Continue reading

‘Second Amendment Sanctuaries’ the Right’s New Gun Push | John L. Micek

When one of the Pennsylvania Legislature’s most conservative members announced her desire to pass “Second Amendment Sanctuary” ordinances that defy state and federal gun laws,… Continue reading

Talking To My Daughter About War And ‘Megafires’ | John L. Micek

We were on the way to ballet rehearsal. It’s my favorite 30 minutes of the day. It’s a chance to break away from work, and… Continue reading

Why You Need to Worry About Attacks on Obamacare | John L. Micek

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Republicans Promote Know-Nothingness During Impeachment Hearings | John L. Micek

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Impeachment Witnesses the Heroes We Need Right Now | John L. Micek

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There Is Always Hope | John L. Micek

HARRISBURG, Pa. — Fighting back tears, her voice cracking, Jackie Bieber had a simple message for anyone who’s thinking about taking their own life: “There… Continue reading