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Offering some praise for the Pentagon on flags

I’ve gotten a few letters from readers over the past couple of weeks who have asked me – some more politely and in publishable terms… Continue reading


Trump using students as coronavirus pawns

Here’s how far Donald Trump is willing to go to ensure his re-election: After trying to normalize COVID-19 deaths among senior citizens and asking us… Continue reading


This is My Family’s Coronavirus Story | John L. Micek

It was around 1 a.m. last Friday, and my wife nudged me awake. Her shoulders shook in the darkness. The tears ran freely down her… Continue reading


Reopening Isn’t Good Enough. We Need to Reset Everything. | John L. Micek

SOMEWHERE ON THE APPALACHIAN TRAIL – We’d been climbing steadily uphill for 25 minutes, a deceptively arduous mille. The sweat was pooling in the small… Continue reading

Amid a Pandemic, Trump Still At War With Government | John L. Micek

The president’s twin dismissals last week — just days apart — of two highly respected government watchdogs (and an attack on a third) is a… Continue reading

Asian-Americans Feeling the Sting of Hate During COVID-19 | John L. Micek

If there’s one sad truth about every tragedy, it’s that people will look around for someone to blame. In 2001, American Muslims found themselves singled… Continue reading

Let’s Not Waste The Crisis Of Coronavirus | John L. Micek

Shortly after President Barack Obama’s first inauguration in 2009, then-White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel got into a bit of hot water when he… Continue reading

Election 2020 Is An Existential Fight For The Nation’s Soul | John L. Micek

You’ve probably never heard of Erica Newland. And if she had her druthers, it’s a safe bet that she would have preferred it stayed that… Continue reading

Democrats Can’t Lose Focus on Battleground States | John L. Micek

After a commanding performance in Nevada last weekend, the battle for the Democratic presidential nomination sure does seem to be swinging Bernie Sanders‘ way. With… Continue reading

Yes, Trump’s Interference With Our Institutions is That Bad | John L. Micek

Susan Collins was absolutely right about this much: President Donald Trump has learned his lesson. And he’s learned it by heart. Thanks to the Senate’s… Continue reading

History Will Remember Romney, Not Collins | John L. Micek

When future historians look for the last, documented instance of Republican political courage in the Trump imperium, they’ll look to one man: Sen. Mitt Romney.… Continue reading

A Senate Only a Roman Emperor Could Love | John L. Micek

The next time someone tells you the U.S. Senate is the world’s greatest deliberative body, your answer should be no longer than two words: Marco… Continue reading

Impeachment Trial is a Civics Lesson, Not Must-Watch TV | John L. Micek

More than once, readers have written in, or people have stopped me, to complain about their fellow Americans’ ignorance of the basic functions of government.… Continue reading

‘Second Amendment Sanctuaries’ the Right’s New Gun Push | John L. Micek

When one of the Pennsylvania Legislature’s most conservative members announced her desire to pass “Second Amendment Sanctuary” ordinances that defy state and federal gun laws,… Continue reading

Talking To My Daughter About War And ‘Megafires’ | John L. Micek

We were on the way to ballet rehearsal. It’s my favorite 30 minutes of the day. It’s a chance to break away from work, and… Continue reading

Why You Need to Worry About Attacks on Obamacare | John L. Micek

If you’re celebrating a recent federal appellate court ruling that overturned language in the Affordable Care Act requiring you to have health insurance or pay… Continue reading

What An Impeachment In Pennsylvania 25 Years Ago Says About Where We Are Now | John L. Micek

In 1994, state Rep. Frank Dermody was a backbench Democrat serving his second term in the Pennsylvania House of Representatives. That year, the majority-Democrat chamber… Continue reading

Republicans Promote Know-Nothingness During Impeachment Hearings | John L. Micek

It’s not often that you get to watch what conservative author Tom Nichols has called “the death of expertise” unfold in real time. But that’s… Continue reading

Trump Continues to Manufacture Lies | John L. Micek

You could be forgiven for missing it in the build-up to Thanksgiving and the blizzard of impeachment news, but America’s fact-challenged chief executive was up… Continue reading

America First? Nope, It’s Trump First. | John L. Micek

The Trump administration’s foreign policy, such as it is, has been described a lot of different ways. But one word that’s never been applied to… Continue reading