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One Year In, Trump Remains His Own Worst Enemy | John L. Micek

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The Part-Time Presidency of Donald Trump | John L. Micek

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No, Trump Doesn’t Stand Above the Law | John L. Micek

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A Glaring Loophole for Fugitives | John L. Micek

When gun-control and gun-rights advocates clash after the latest mass shooting, you can usually count on two rhetorical chips being thrown onto the table: “What… Continue reading

A Prayer for Peace That Calls Us to Act | John L. Micek

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Important Caveat For Dems After Election Night Wins | John L. Micek

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Another Mass Shooting, More ‘Thoughts and Prayers’ | John L. Micek

“Reports out of Texas are devastating. The people of Sutherland Springs need our prayers right now,” U.S. House Speaker Paul J. Ryan, R-Wisc., tweeted to… Continue reading

Trump Just Keeps Digging | John L. Micek

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Trump Slams Fake News By Making Three False Claims | John L. Micek

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The Worst Mass Shooting… Until the Next One | John L. Micek

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The NFL Beat Donald Trump at His Own Game | John L. Micek

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Beyond Trump – Can Americans Survive Each Other? | John L. Micek

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Where Was This Hillary Last Year? | John L. Micek

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A Cowardly White House Using Dreamers as Human Shields | John L. Micek

Quite beyond being morally repugnant and an offense to human decency, the Trump White House’s announcement Tuesday that it’s rescinding the “Deferred Action for Childhood… Continue reading

No Action By Trump on Opioid Epidemic | John L. Micek

Earlier this month, at his golf club in Bedminster, N.J., President Donald Trump looked solemnly into the camera, and declared that America’s opioid epidemic was… Continue reading

Two Trump Policies At Odds With One Another | John L. Micek

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Charlottesville and the South’s Complicated Relationship With Its Past | John L. Micek

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You Can’t Be An American And Fly The Confederate Flag | John L. Micek

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