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My wife and I met on a blind date at a Bonanza restaurant in a nearby shopping mall nearly 32 years ago, so it was… Continue reading

Happy 75th Birthday To Capitol Records! | Tyrades!

In the peak years of my scouring yard sales and junk shops for second-hand, dollar-bin vinyl record albums, I didn’t really focus on company labels.… Continue reading

Will The Nation’s Truckers Be Replaced By Robots? | Tyrades!

“It takes a special breed to be a truck drivin’ man/ And a steady hand to pull the load behind.” — Merle Haggard. In my… Continue reading

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Senior Discounts: Boon Or Menace? | Tyrades!

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Should Bothering Employees After Work Hours Be Illegal? | Danny Tyree

On January 1, France implemented a new law that gives workers the legal “right to disconnect” from emails and other digital correspondence from co-workers and… Continue reading

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