Speedy Spartans sweep season’s debut home track meet

Teams from Ballard and Roosevelt traveled to Bainbridge last week for the first home track meet of the Spartans’ season, which saw island athletes set season and personal records aplenty in both the girl and boys divisions.

On the boys’ side, Eric Jung set a new season record, finishing third in the 100-meter varsity finals with a time of 11.81.

The next speediest Spartan in that event was Konrad Breuninger (11th place), setting a personal record with 12.67. On his heels was Luke Marshall (12.68) with another season record (12.68).

In the 200-meter finals, Leander von Specht finished ninth with a season record of 25.34. Sean Lindsey came in 10th, with a personal record 25.6. Breuninger was again in the top three BHS finishers, this time in 13th place, with a personal record 25.67.

Bainbridge dominated the boys 400-meter finals, claiming all three of the top finishing spots.

Cole Brundige set a personal record and took first place with 52.59. In second place, Evan Kimmerlein set a season record (54.33), and Kyle Hammer claimed third, with a 54.68 personal record.

Two Spartans finished in the top 10 in the boys 800-meter finals: Carter Hall (third place, with a 2:08.44 personal record) and Reuben Allen (ninth, with a 2:22.55 personal record).

Three Spartans finished in the top 10 in the boys 1600-meter finals as well: Sebastian Belkin (second, with a 4:29.69 season record), Carlo Ruggiero (fourth, with a 4:40.75 personal record) and Jacob Carlson (fifth, with a 4:42.63 personal record).

Spartan sophomore Nathan McVay finished in third place in the 3200-meter finals with 10:52.62, a personal record.

The top three Spartans in the 300-meter hurdle event were Elliot Windrope (second place, 45.76, personal record), Sean Lindsey (third, 46.52, personal record), and Akio Hansen (seventh, 52.18, personal record).

The team of Cole Brundige, Evan Kimmerlein, Carlo Ruggiero and Kyle Hammer (3:38.19) took second in the 4×400 varsity relay event.

Four Spartans claimed top 10 spots in the 12-pound shot put event, as well. Joe Tabisola claimed third place; Elliot Weaver, fifth;, Aiden Berg, sixth; and Matthew Zuleger, 10th.

Tabisola also finished first in the 1.6-kilogram discus event with a 118-07 personal record. Aiden Berg finished in fifth, Elliot Weaver was seventh and Matthew Zuleger placed ninth.

The top finishing Spartans in the boys high jump event were Andrew Frankie Owen (second) and Elliott Windrope (third). Conrad Weiss (fourth) and Will Hobbs (fifth) were the best Bainbridge boys in the pole vault.

Aiko Hansen was the only Spartan to place in the long jump. He finished in fifth place.

On the girls’ side, the 100-meter varsity finals was headlined by first-place finisher Taylee Undem (12.53, a personal record) and Ellen York (fourth place, 13.67, a personal record).

Though the Spartans did not fare quite as well in the 200-meter race, two did manage top-10 finishes: Anika Lesko (seventh, 28.78, season record) and Audrey Weaver (eighth, 29.13, personal record).

Emma Brundige led the pack in the 400 meter, taking first place with a personal record-setting 1:03.81 time. Laura Murphy finished fifth (1:12.02, a personal record) and Marie Miller took seventh (1:16.26, a personal record).

Three Spartans placed near the top in the 800-meter race: Hannah Tonsman (second, 2:24.46, season record), Anna Scott (third, 2:30.78, season record) and Julia Brooks (2:38.65, season record).

Tonsman took first in the 1600 meter as well, with a season record-setting 5:25.31 finishing time.

Naomi von Ruden (first place, 11:45.57, personal record) and Jacqueline McVay (fourth, 12:33.79, personal record) were the best from Bainbride in the 3200 meter.

The Spartans dominated the field in girls’ hurdles.

In the 100-meter hurdles, Jianna Kauffman took first (18.94, season record), and Sofia Trail claimed second (19.32, personal record).

In the 300-meter hurdles, BHS claimed all three of the top spots: Natalie Taylor in first place (49.53, season record), Audrey Weaver in second (51.20, season record) and Elizabeth Messinger in third (51.91, personal record).

The Bainbridge team of Lillian Aduddell, Elizabeth Messinger, Natalie Taylor and Audrey Weaver claimed third place in the 4×200 relay (1:55.19), and Emma Brundige, Anna Scott, Julia Brooks and Hannah Tonsman took second in the 4×400 relays (4:23.09).

In the shot put, Grace Cisneros took the top spot (29-08.50, a season record). Lula Piper-Tremain finished sixth (22-03.00, season record) and Jade Gandy came in eighth (21-09.00, personal record).

The best of Bainbridge in the discus was sophomore Samantha Anderson (second place, 83-04, personal record).

Perennial high jump superstar, BHS senior Sarah Lucioni was again in top form, claiming a first-place finish with 5-00.00, a season record.

Stellar Spartans littered the long jump results as well.

Emma Brundige claimed first place (16-01.00, personal record). Ellen York was third (15-01.00, personal record), Elana Dorsey was seventh (12-05.75, personal record) Marlie Keasler finished in ninth (12-01.75, personal record) and Brooke Taylor was 10th (11-10.50, personal record).

Taylor Undem and Maria Flynn were a powerful one-two finishing combo in the triple jump, as well (first, 36-00.50, season record; and second, 30-09.00, season record, respectively).

Speedy Spartans sweep season’s debut home track meet