Spartans battle Fighting Irish, HNA

Bainbridge took first and second place in the girls 400-meter race, plus won the girls 800 meter and 100-meter hurdles races, in a tough matchup against Holy Names last week at Bainbridge Stadium.

Bainbridge took first and second place in the girls 400-meter race, plus won the girls 800 meter and 100-meter hurdles races, in a tough matchup against Holy Names last week at Bainbridge Stadium.

In the 400 meter, freshman Cristen McCann won with a time of 1:05.32 for Bainbridge. Ivy Terry, a junior, was second for the Spartans in 1:06.45.

Mikelle Ackerley was first in the 800, and finished in 2:20.98.

Spartan senior Katelyn Shephard took first in the 100-meter hurdles in 17.01.

In boys track, the Spartans claimed a first-place victory in the high jump over O’Dea.

Jack Odell cleared 5-10.00 to win the event for Bainbridge.

Bainbridge versus O’Dea, Holy Names results

Girls 100-Meter Dash

First: Imani Apostol, Holy Names Academy, 12.91

Second: Cecelia Jackson, HNA, 13.06

Third: Serena Canner, Bainbridge, 14.17

Fourth: Akoiya Harris, HNA, 14.18

Fifth: India Mitchell, HNA, 14.39

Sixth: Bailey List, Bainbridge, 14.52

Eighth: Madeline Rogers, Bainbridge, 14.76

Ninth: Madison Bolejack, Bainbridge, 14.88

Girls 200-Meter Dash

First: Imani Apostol, HNA, 25.82

Second: Danielle Bogardus, Bainbridge, 27.44

Third: Lindsay Wienkers, Bainbridge, 27.73

Fourth: Aerin Amore, Bainbridge, 28.02

Girls 400-Meter Dash

First: Cristen McCann, Bainbridge, 1:05.32

Second: Ivy Terry, Bainbridge, 1:06.45

Third: Isabella Dumas, 1:07.85

Girls 800-Meter Run

First: Mikelle Ackerley, Mikelle, Bainbridge, 2:20.98

Second: Moira O’Connor Lenth, HNA, 2:25.30

Third: Shannon Wichmann, HNA, 2:27.55

Fourth: Alison Wise, Bainbridge, 2:28.38

Girls 1600-Meter Run

First: Michiko Yee, HNA, 5:47.99

Second: Maria Mueller, HNA, 5:51.53

Third: Signe Lindquist, Bainbridge, 5:52.65

Fourth: Kellie Miller, Bainbridge, 5:52.78

Girls 3200-Meter Run

First: Moira O’Connor Lenth, HNA, 11:43.94

Second: Allison Murphy, Bainbridge, 11:49.70

Girls 100-Meter Hurdles

First: Katelyn Shephard, Bainbridge, 17.01

Second: Olivia Vincent, HNA, 17.98

Third: Akoiya Harris, HNA, 19.06

Fourth: Tatiana Sils, Bainbridge, 19.18

Fifth: Shelby Sundquist, Bainbridge, 19.30

Sixth: Madeline Rogers, Bainbridge,  19.88

Girls 300-Meter Hurdles

First: Cecelia Jackson, HNA, 44.40

Second: Katelyn Shephard, Bainbridge, 52.84

Girls 4×100 Meter Relay

First: HNA A Relay, 50.95 (Imani Apostol, Cecelia Jackson, Isabella Dumas and Nia Johnson)

Second: Bainbridge A Relay, 53.22 (Bailey List, Serena Canner, Katelyn Shephard and Lindsay Wienkers)

Girls 4×200 Meter Relay

First: HNA A Relay, 1:54.14 (Claire Capeloto, Kelly Madden, Nia Johnson and Molly Hubbard)

Second: Bainbridge A Relay, 1:55.86 (Serena Canner, Cristen McCann, Bailey List)

Girls 4×400 Meter Relay

First: Bainbridge A Relay, 4:19.94 (Aerin Amore, Lindsay Wienkers, Alison Wise and Danielle Bogardus)

Second: Bainbridge B, 4:34.76

Girls High Jump

First: Olivia Vincent, HNA, 5-02.00

Second: Molly Launceford, HNA, 4-06.00

Third: Kiera Gallagher, Bainbridge, 4-02.00

Girls Pole Vault

First: Madison Bolejack, Bainbridge, 6-06.00

Girls Long Jump

First: Olivia Vincent, HNA, 16-07.25

Sixth: Kiera Gallagher, Bainbridge, 13-01.00

Eighth: Madeline Rogers, Bainbridge, 12-07.00

Ninth: Ciana Maasen, Bainbridge, 12-06.00

Girls Triple Jump

First: Danielle Bogardus, Bainbridge, 33-10.50

Second: Nia Johnson, HNA, 32-08.00

Third: Ciana Maasen, Bainbridge, 26-10.50

Girls Shot Put

First: Aoife Martin, HNA, 30-08.50

Second: Isa Todd, Bainbridge, 27-02.50

Girls Discus Throw

First: Isa Todd, Isa, Bainbridge, 86-04

Second: Aoife Martin, HNA, 73-04

Boys 100-Meter Dash

First: Myles Gaskin, O’Dea, 11.47

Second: Jonathon Wells, O’Dea, 11.91

Third: Matt Stone, Bainbridge, 11.94

Boys 200-Meter Dash

First: Jonathon Wells, O’Dea, 23.49

Eighth: David Kimmerlein, Bainbridge, 25.94

Ninth: Isaac Pyne, Bainbridge, 26.47

10th: Nich Allen, Bainbridge, 26.57

11th: Morgan Leader, Bainbridge, 26.67

Boys 400-Meter Dash

First: Marcus Barrow, O’Dea, 52.62

Second: Justus Ross, O’Dea, 53.01

Third: Austin Harper, Bainbridge,54.92

Fifth: Ford Eimon, Bainbridge, 56.34

Sixth: Tyler Martinez-Green, Bainbridge, 56.74

Seventh: David Kimmerlein, Bainbridge, 58.56

Eighth: Noah Strevell, Bainbridge, 59.33

Boys 800-Meter Run

First: Gareth Jones, O’Dea, 2:05.12

Fourth: Tyler Cox, Bainbridge, 2:07.58

Boys 1600-Meter Run

First: Gareth Jones, O’Dea, 4:34.42

Second: Sean Simonsen, Bainbridge,  4:58.04

Third: Gordon Shelton-Jenck, Bainbridge,  5:01.25

Fourth: Jason Garcia, O’Dea, 5:07.39

Fifth: Johannes Griesser, Bainbridge, 5:29.26

Sixth: Connor Evans, Bainbridge, 5:36.13

Seventh: Aaron Trapp, Bainbridge, 5:37.87

Boys 3200-Meter Run

First: Jason Garcia, O’Dea, 11:25.75

Boys 110-Meter Hurdles

First: Matt Berhe, O’Dea, 19.08

Second: Jay Terry, Bainbridge, 19.41

Third: Race Porter, O’Dea, 19.48

Fourth: Nick Panelli, O’Dea, 19.55

Fifth: Ben Scott, Bainbridge, 21.71

Sixth: Charlie Hanacek, Bainbridge, 22.29

Boys 300-Meter Hurdles

First: Nick Panelli, O’Dea, 46.48

Fourth: Casey Brink, Bainbridge, 50.26

Fifth: Charlie Hanacek, Bainbridge, 51.56

Boys 4×100 Meter Relay

First: O’Dea A Relay, 45.02 (Logan Armstrong, Jonathon Wells, Kaleb Swain and Myles Gaskin)

Second: Bainbridge A Relay, 47.55 (Josephy Misenti, Matt Stone, Nich Allen and Ryan Abbott)

Boys 4×400 Meter Relay

First: O’Dea A Relay, 3:38.37 (Myles Gaskin, Marcus Barrow, Jonathon Wells and Justus Ross)

Second: Bainbridge A Relay, 3:44.89 (Tyler Cox, Ford Eimon, Noah Strevell and Austin Harper)

Boys High Jump

First: Jack Odell, Bainbridge, 5-10.00

Second: Chris Holmes, Chris,  O’Dea, 5-08.00

Third: Connor Evans, Bainbridge,5-04.00

Fourth: Race Porter, O’Dea, 5-02.00

Fourth: Charlie Rice, Bainbridge, 5-02.00

Sixth: Ford Eimon, Bainbridge, 5-00.00

Seventh: Robert Davis, Bainbridge, 4-10.00

Eighth: Jay Terry, Bainbridge,4-08.00

Ninth: Aaron Trapp, Bainbridge, 4-06.00

Boys Pole Vault

First: Joseph Misenti, Bainbridge, 10-00.00

First: Dominic Dumas, O’Dea, 10-00.00

Third: Dan Gwiazdon, Bainbridge, 8-06.00

Third: Lucas Labrosse, Bainbridge, 8-06.00

Fifth: Ryan Abbott, Bainbridge, 7-06.00

Boys Long Jump

First: Chris Holmes, O’Dea, 17-08.50

Second: Dale Baker, O’Dea, 17-07.00

Third: Kaleb Swain, O’Dea, 17-05.25

Boys Triple Jump

First: Bobiono Sims, O’Dea, 36-09.50

Second: Ford Eimon, Bainbridge, 35-11.50

Third: Corey Yoshitomi, O’Dea, 35-03.50

Fourth: Tyler Cox, Bainbridge, 33-05.25

Boys Shot Put

First: Bryan Carter, O’Dea, 48-10.00

Sixth: Taylor Wilson, Bainbridge, 33-03.00

Boys Discus Throw

First: Banchero, Evan, O’Dea, 163-08

Second: Butler, Bryan, O’Dea, 124-07

Third: Ledbetter, Dylan, O’Dea, 110-09

Fourth: Carter, Bryan, O’Dea, 108-02

Fifth: Fulleton, Erik, O’Dea, 94-04

Sixth: Wilson, Taylor, Bainbridge, 93-04

Seventh: Fergus Pons, Bainbridge, 53-01