BHS lose goalie and game to NK

The North Kitsap Vikings soccer team defeated Bainbridge 3-1 March 12.

Although North Kitsap led 2-1 over Bainbridge, the Vikings didn’t really take control until Spartan goalie Cooper Harrington picked up a red card with 20 minutes left in the game.

NK sent a long pass down the left sideline when Harrington left the goal. Instead of clearing the ball, Harrington slide-tackled the Viking forward and was ejected.

“After the game, I went to Drew [BHS coach Keller] and said, ‘Unfortunate it was a red because I thought it would be a yellow,’” NK coach Greg St. Peter said. “You always feel bad that happens because you want a fair game.”

Once Harrington was ejected, the Spartans only had 10 players on the field. Therefore, Bainbridge substituted a field player for backup goalie Bobby Coulter.

“We were trying to keep everything the same,” St. Peter said. “It’s hard because we don’t want the opponent to dictate the way we play. They had opportunities, and we had ours so it’s just about outsourcing each other.”

Coulter made a couple of saves within seconds.

After a few more stops, Vikings Harper Sabari crossed the ball into the box and Mason Chmielewski headed it into the net for their second assist and goal.

Immediately before the ejection, both teams traded goals in the 56th and 58th minutes. Sabari assisted Chmielewski to make it 2-0, and Bainbridge scored on a long through ball to make it 2-1.

Logan Anderson assisted Pepe De Lunna for the first goal in the 18th minute as the Vikings scored on a counterattack after the Spartans failed to score.

St. Peter knows it’s a long road before the Vikings are ready for another state run.

“We are slightly different but the expectations are the same,” St. Peter said. “The core guys set the tone so there is no reason why we can’t make a similar run. We just need to find that rhythm in the midfield and consistency but overall I really enjoy what we have built.”

The Spartans battle NK with 10 players.

The Spartans battle NK with 10 players.