BHS FB boosters donate $139k to boost athletics

Bainbridge High athletics is looking to take its programs to the next level by likely improving its weight facility after the Bainbridge Football Booster Club donated $139,000 to the school.

“Our boosters have been unbelievable in raising more awareness on what our program is about and what we are doing outside of football,” football coach Dan Schoonmaker said. “The community responded and gave us this great opportunity to enhance our program.”

Athletic director Luke Ande accepted the donation. “The first bit of credit is to Luke,” Schoonmaker said. “He has hired a great group of coaches who are supporting each program and multi-sport athletes.”

How the money will be spent is not set in stone, but the boosters want it to help all programs, so renovation and new weight room equipment is a possibility.

“A lot of this has been driven by (Dan) so the reality is to help everybody,” booster president Justin Ausmeier said. “It’s something big to benefit the whole school.”

Schoonmaker said, “We will figure out how to make it the most efficient and impactful way to help the program for years. The (boosters) have been working on it for the last six to eight months and when we reveal everything, it will impact every sport and P.E. classes.”

Although the big reveal is not until August, Schoonmaker is grateful for the opportunity to expand Bainbridge athletics.

“When the kids find out, our message is this is a community rallying around you,” Schoonmaker said. “Gratitude is up there with team values, and we will find ways to give it back, and that starts with using the money efficiently and encourage the kids to support community projects.”

Ausmeier added: “It’s not just athletics. Athletics is hopefully the leader, and we all want to try and impact the school with a positive vibe.”