Bainbridge divers make most of last meet

BEAVERTON, Oregon – Multiple divers from the Bainbridge Island Dive Club finished in the top 10 during the recent Northwest Spring Invitational.

The Bainbridge divers made the road trip to Beaverton to compete for the meet, held April 7-8, and team officials said the great performance by the team was the perfect way to wind down the season before going to Fullerton, California next month for Region 12 Championships.

In Girls Group C (12-13 year olds), Elyse Lipton placed third in 1-meter diving with a score of 210.55, and claimed fourth place in 3-meter diving with a score of 193.70.

In Girls Group B (14-15), Bryn Tiernan placed fifth in 1-meter diving with a score of 212.10. Teammate Mia Alpaugh was eighth, scoring 140.75.

Also in Girls Group B (14-15), Tiernan placed seventh in 3-meter diving (194.85), and Alpaugh was eighth (167.15).

In Girls Group A (16-18), Jackie Hellmers placed fourth in 1-meter diving with a score of 245.90. Alathea Pippinger was fifth, scoring 233.45.

Also in Girls Group A (16-18), Hellmers finished in fourth place in 3-meter diving with a final score of 251.25. Pippinger placed fifth, with 225.00 points.

In Boys Group B (14-15), Brian Taylor placed second in 1-meter diving with 298.60. Henry Sauermann placed fourth, with 197.35 points.

Also in Boys Group B (14-15), Sauermann placed third in 3-meter diving, scoring 222.65.

Finally, in Boy Group A (16-17), Kiernan Liberman placed second in 1-meter, 3-meter and platform diving with scores of 362.25, 398.70 and 308.80, respectively.