Too bad you didn’t hear what Kennedy did in the Senate

Thank God for Sen. John Kennedy of Louisiana. I wish every major TV and radio network in the country had covered what he did in the Senate last week.

As part of a hearing looking into the alleged threat to freedom posed by parents who want to have sexually explicit gay and trans books removed from their school libraries, Kennedy quoted some choice excerpts from two of the books.

While he read out loud from “All Boys Aren’t Blue” and “Gender Queer,” every adult in the room squirmed in their seats. Kennedy and other senators of both parties agreed that the sleaze he read was not fit for young children – or any non-adult. But unless you watch Fox News or other conservative TV or radio places, you did not hear Kennedy’s graphic descriptions repeated or even described in detail.

The mainstream media – CBS, CNN, NPR, PBS, etc., etc. – ignored Kennedy’s readings. The partisans running the New York Times didn’t even cover the hearing. That kind of information blackout is nothing new. The left-wing media can always be counted on to not tell their audiences what is actually written in the quasi-pornographic LGBT books that parents around the country are criticizing. Their partisan reporters and pundits don’t even bother to read the books or try to defend them.

They just immediately slime the concerned parents and Republicans as dangerous book burners and political extremists. Or, hypocritically, they’ll criticize an angry mother for talking dirty at her local school board meeting. It’s part of the upside-down political insanity of our times that parents are now being told they are not allowed to have sexually graphic books removed from their own public schools.

So how can parents protect their school kids from the left’s indoctrination campaign – short of homeschooling them? Without a national political revolution that sweeps away leftists and wackos ruining our public schools, it looks impossible.

For example, last week a California judge ruled against the school district in Chino that had issued a policy saying parents had to be informed if their kids had changed their gender identities or pronouns in school. Also, the mayor of Burbank proudly defended himself for raising money at a private party by having himself spanked on camera by a drag queen. The media naturally thought what the mayor did was very cool, of course. And, of course, they claimed the secret video — seen by more than 8 million people so far – was being used by Republicans as clickbait to “promote an agenda of fear, homophobia, transphobia and bigotry.”

The latest sex-and-gender idiocy dreamed up by the people in charge of California is the declaration that next August will be officially recognized as Transgender History Month.

All these things happening in California make me feel sometimes like I’m living in Sodom and Gomorrah — run by insane left-wingers.

Michael Reagan, son of President Reagan, is an author, speaker and president of the Reagan Legacy Foundation. Send comments to and follow @reaganworld on Twitter.