Carolyn L. Peltier

Sept. 17, 2020


Carolyn Peltier, Bainbridge Island resident since 1965, passed away peacefully September 17, 2020 on Bainbridge Island. She had lived on the Island for 55 years.

Carolyn was born in Seattle, Washington, in 1932 and was adopted by Paul and Bernie Fields. She spent her early childhood days in Monroe, Washington, where Bernie and Paul had grown up. The family moved to West Seattle in the late 1930s. During WWII they boarded service men stationed in and around Seattle. Carolyn attended West Seattle High School and graduated in the class of 1950. Shortly after graduating she married Louis Peltier, a Navy man from Minnesota stationed in Bremerton. She gave birth to her first son, Ron in 1951, followed by Thomas in 1956 and Louis Jr in 1959.

Carolyn and Louis purchased their first house in Seattle’s Arbor Heights Neighborhood in 1952. In 1965 Carolyn and Louis moved their family to Bainbridge Island, where Louis had been working as a meat cutter in the local IGA for about 4 years, each day making the long commute from West Seattle to Bainbridge. After initially renting a house on New Sweden Rd in Eagledale, Carolyn and Louis built a house on Lovell Avenue, then known as Chattam hill. The modest 3 bedroom house on a single lot cost them $22,500, including land and construction.

Carolyn a devote wife and home maker, took her first paying job in the early 1980 as a meat wrapper at the Village Foods where Louis was a part owner and manager of the meat market. Her interests included religion, Weight Watchers, her family and various pets, including a precocious parakeet who had the run of the house. For a number of years Carolyn got her exercise by walking a circuit around the neighborhood. She became a grandmother in 1989 with the birth of Reggie by Ron’s wife Polly.

Carolyn did not drink, smoke, or swear, never drove a car, and was modest in her desire for material possessions. One of her favorite musicians was Merle Haggard. As an early admirer of Evangelist Billy Graham, she remained deeply religious into her later years. She was preceded in death by her son Louis Jr. and husband Louis Sr. She is survived by her two eldest sons Ron and Thomas. Carolyn and Louis attended Bethany Lutheran Church. Carolyn received much appreciated visits in her later years from church members. Due to the current pandemic, a service at Bethany for Carolyn will be announced at a later date. A quote from the late Billy Graham, “Some day a loving hand will be laid upon our shoulder and this brief message will be given: ‘Come home’.”

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